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Search and Recovery Missions Using Remotely ROVs

Shannon Regan   |   April 17, 2019

There are a number of industries such as aquaculture, commercial diving and municipal infrastructure that benefit from the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) on a daily basis. In addition to these industries, Deep Trekker's ROVs are used for search and recovery operations and police missions. The DTG3 with integrated sonar, powerful lights and instant deployment allows for a search to be conducted even when the chance of finding victims seems low.

peru search and rescue ROV

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The most important factor in SAR efforts is time. To prevent drowning and hypothermia, search and rescue teams need to respond quickly on receiving distress signals, detect the distress location, collect accident data to assess the situation and then plan and respond by deploying ROV units.

The use of ROVs for rapid deployment and immediate eyes under the water, can boost response times. The DTG3 offers an affordable, efficient and easily maintained solution that can be integrated with sonar to assist in challenging environments in open water. It can also be used to track vessels in salvage operations and for underwater surveys.

Use ROVs to improve the locating, identification and retrieval of your target

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The role of the ROV is to provide a quick response to locate survivors using its recording capabilities and 4K Ultra HD Camera. An unmanned capsule can be launched to provide an inflating life raft, and underwater ROVs can collect data and assess the situation and the condition of any vessels involved. These tasks can all be initiated before other SAR assets arrive on scene, ultimately saving time and responding immediately.

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Watch the Deep Trekker ROV demonstration below with a team of local officers:

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