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Providing New Innovations to Shipping Industry

Brendan Cook   |   May 29, 2017

Deep Trekker is set to launch a new innovative product to be used in the shipping industry - live presentation from Nor-Shipping in Norway.

A leader in design and technology for underwater robotics systems, Deep Trekker has a history of launching innovative, versatile and robust products. Our Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), commonly known as underwater drones, are developed to be easy to use and incredibly portable; providing operators with the tools to remain adaptable and affordable in an industry which has increasingly come under competitive demands to be safe and efficient while remaining economically savvy.

Deep Trekker Underwater Drones Used in Shipping Industry


Recognizing that shipping via waterways is still the leading mode of transportation for goods globally, Deep Trekker has created the DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs, designed specifically to assist in timely and efficient tasks necessary for the shipping industry. Imperative tasks such as verification of hull integrity, the monitoring, removal, and protection from invasive species, and the ability to conduct security checks for illegal contraband without danger to a diver can be costly and dangerous. Deep Trekker has become a leader in the Marine/Shipping Survey field with their DTG2 and DTX2 models; a track record for adaptability, affordability and being instrumental to the speed safety and long-term maintenance of global shipping fleets.

Nor-Shipping to Showcase Innovative Products for Shipping Industry

Nor-Shipping, one of the world’s largest industry trade shows, launches in Oslo, Norway this week bringing together leaders in transportation, technology and environmental standards from around the globe. Running from May 29th – June 2, 2017, the event will showcase podiums on ocean industry, offshore petroleum, and renewables, awards for excellence in industry standards and think tanks for new innovation; it is a must attend for all members of the shipping industry. In tandem with Nor-Shipping, Norway itself has recently announced that it is set to build the world’s first ever shipping tunnel. Designed to support safe and economically efficient transportation through the Stadalet peninsula which has historically been an obstacle for the shipping industry.

New Product Launch @ Nor-Shipping 2017

With an event bringing together the shipping leaders of the world, and Norway set to invest to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of transportation via water, Deep Trekker has found the perfect time and location to launch its own new product. Modeled with the same intentions as its host country and event, this new product has been developed to support the safety, security, and efficiency of the shipping industry.

On Tuesday, May 30th at 17:30 (GMT+2) or 11:30 AM (EDT), via the Nor-Shipping conference trade floor, Deep Trekker will host a live release of our new product. If you are heading out to the exhibition, stop by our stand at C03-14b to get a close look at our fleet of underwater inspection robots. We will even have one of our DTG2s in a water tank for anyone to operate.

There is feed link accessible to those not in attendance, to be able to sign into for live updates.

To tune into the live stream, click here >

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