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Sonar Technology for Underwater ROV Enhancements

Shannon Regan   |   March 9, 2018

Simplifying underwater inspections using remotely operated vehicles and sonar technology. Integration with Blueprint Oculus Multibeam and Tritech Technology Software.

shipwreck hunting underwater drone deep trekker rov sonar

Sonar Technology being used by Deep Trekker

Sound Navigation and Ranging (Sonar) technology use sound waves for purposes such as navigation, communication and locating objects while inspecting underwater settings. It is often used for low visibility underwater operation and inspection in murky water, or when a camera system or a diver cannot see clearly.

Deep Trekker offers remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with cameras that are widely used for underwater search and recovery missions, inspections, maintenance, and repair operations. By adding Sonar attachments, operators reap the benefits of enhancing the ROV’s ability to identify hidden objects that might otherwise go undetected by a camera system.

Sonar Technology in Various Industries

Law Enforcement, Public Safety Divers and Search and Rescue

rescue_swimmer_search_recover_rescue coast guard rov

By Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Tina Lamb. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sonar technology can be used to benefit operators in various industries and working environments. It is often used during Search and Rescue missions to make it easier and more efficient to locate evidence or victims of boating accidents or potential drownings in unclear waters.

Underwater Infrastructure Inspections and Marine Salvage Efforts

aging infrastructure-underwater drone bridge inspection

Sonar technology also has the ability to help locate underwater objects in deep salvage operations where murky waters may hinder maximum camera visibility. Its capabilities speed up and simplify the process of locating underwater infrastructure, and pipe and water tower inspections.

Ocean Science, Discovery and Academic Research

marine climate change research shawn robinson rov 02

Finally, the addition of sonar technology is invaluable to underwater discovery and research when exploring sunken ships located in turbid water, or helping academics and researchers to monitor aquatic life or environmental conditions below the surface.

Types of sonar technology

Blueprint Oculus

Blueprint Oculus multibeam sonar is a new generation of imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications.

Its small form factor, weighing less than 400g in water, and dual frequency capabilities make it ideally suited for deployment on micro sized platforms, while its rugged construction makes it an excellent choice for larger subsea infrastructure.

Deep Trekker has integrated Blueprint multibeam imaging sonar technology and an ultra-short baseline locating system for underwater acoustic positioning. These innovations bring new capabilities to Deep Trekker ROVs by providing obstacle avoidance, target recognition, greater visibility and spatial awareness underwater.

Tritech Sonar Technology Software

Multibeam sonar such as Tritech Gemini 720ik emits 512 beams thirty times a second which provides real-time, high-frequency imagery. It provides a 120-degree field of view and a 10-degree tilt with 8mm range resolution. Using a 720kHz operating frequency and an integrated sound velocity sensor, the system provides an extremely sharp image. When working in poor or unclear visibility, the update rate of 30Hz provides an immediate view of your surroundings for maximum inspection.

The Tritech Seanet Pro software package supports the Gemini 720ik, enabling the ability to use the Gemini with other Tritech sensors, such as the TriTech USBL positioning system.

The optical standalone Gemini software package offers operators a tailored control and display interface, including a click and track function and engineering measurement tools. This software can also be upgraded to the Gemini SeaTec software for target tracking and classification applications.

The software is compatible with most laptops, or the Deep Trekker Control Console which is battery operated or can be plugged in. The Console uses a Toughbook laptop and 17-inch daytime readable screen.

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