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Technology for Sustainable Growth | BC Seafood Expo

Shannon Regan   |   June 15, 2018

Providing technology for sustainable growth in the seafood and aquaculture industry. The team exhibited at BC Seafood Expo, Comox Valley, largest seafood industry trade event in the pacific northwest.

Aquaculture Industry in Canada | BC Seafood Expo

A sustainably managed seafood industry, revitalizes coastal and regional communities in Canada and across the globe. Fishing and seafood has been a vital part of the Canadian economy since Canada’s beginnings. Today, the industry remains one the most important to the country, representing about a third of Canada's total fisheries value and about 20% of total seafood production. The value of aquaculture production has increased by 63% over the last ten years and today Canada is the fourth-largest producer of farmed salmon in the world.

From June 11th to 12th, Deep Trekker exhibited at BC Seafood Expo in the beautiful Comox Valley providing buyers, distributors, producers and industry leaders with robotic systems designed to inspect and monitor fish supply and contribute to global health.

Canadian Support of the Aquaculture Industry

Canada’s seafood farmers recently commented on the salmon farming report of the Federal Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development. Timothy Kennedy, Executive Director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, issued the following statement in response to the report:

“Salmon farming in Canada today is sustainable, diverse and growing. We can be very proud of our global best practices that produce the highest quality and most nutritious seafood in the world.”
Deep Trekker has been offering inspection and monitoring technology to the wild fishery and aquaculture industries in Canada, and around the world for over eight years. The use of our technologies helps to ensure sustainable operations for fish farmers. The aquaculture industry in Canada is still young, but it is committed to constant growth, improvement and excellence.

“BC Seafood Expo was a great show for the team to present our solutions to food security and health in Canada, says Sam Macdonald, President, Deep Trekker. “With an increase in the need for sustainable protein, it is critical to develop technologies in support of aquaculture monitoring and behaviour.”

DTG2 ROV and DTPod

dtpod-surveillance camera-fleet

Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) - the DTG2 and DTPod Inspection Camera - are used for efficient and thorough seafood and fish farming inspections. Equipped with a HD Camera to capture high quality footage in depth ratings up to 300 metres, regular inspections of nets, mooring lines and cages can be done to help ensure the integrity of aquaculture farms. With onboard batteries and up to 8 hours of battery life, fish farmers have the opportunity to inspect without the need to incur high costs of divers.

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