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3 Technologies Transforming the Maritime Industry

Shannon Regan   |   May 14, 2019

Technologies that could shake the maritime industry can come from all angles. But the biggest hitters this year will be those that change the safety and efficiency of operations.

Ship owners are well aware of the changing face of ship emissions and smarter fleet management, but are they aware that developments in robotics, AI and autonomy are also set to impact their operations?

Technologies Transforming the Maritime Industry

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Deep Trekker REVOLUTION ROV Meet the Deep Trekker Revolution Underwater ROV

Underwater ROVs are creating new opportunities in almost every industry. In the shipping and maritime industry, Deep Trekker ROVs are widely adopted for inspection and maintenance in areas underwater that are unsafe for humans.

Port security threats remain high worldwide and experts have identified a clear connection between crime and port security and an international agreement that certain crime and actions present danger to the maritime industry.

ROVs are an enabling technology well suited for use by federal, state, local and private organizations that have inherited new requirements designed to improve the safety and security of ships, ports and harbours.

Initial hands-on training for ROVs can be as short as several hours. Typically ROVs can be operated by one or two persons and require minimal set-up. Unlike larger ROV counterparts, launch and recovery support of Deep Trekker ROVs is minimal. They can be deployed from a small boat or over the side of a pier.

Enhance your ability to safely examine the ships entering your port with ROVs

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new buzzword in the maritime sector. As the shipping industry is under a big transformation at a global level, Artificial Intelligence is already making things easier by integrating new shipping logistics and communication technology to evolve the business model within the shipping industry.

With the help of new algorithms, the shipping industry can rely on AI for mitigating security risks and reduce the cost of operations to a great extent.

Tech Spotlight: The DT640 Utility Crawler

Autonomous Ships

closeup of the side of a cargo ship

Another game-changer for the industry is the use of autonomous ships. The unmanned vehicles cruising through the sea are soon going to be a reality. The major benefit of the sailor-less system will be the reduction in human-errors that would further enhance the safety in the sea. These systems will also change the way current cargo ships explore and interact.

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