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There's Big News in Bantry Bay

Kiara Vallier   |   September 18, 2015

Marine Harvest Ireland will be developing another farm at Shot Head in Bantry Bay. The company applied for the aquaculture and foreshore licenses in 2011 and have just been granted the go-ahead to start their project.

Once the farm is constructed, it is expected to create eight new sustainable long term jobs in the area. Smolt deliveries will take place every two years in October and November and farming will take place until the fish reach harvest sizes of 4.5-5.6kg.

While Sam and I were in Ireland we had the pleasure of visiting the other Marine Harvest farm site in Bantry Bay, the facilities were very impressive. I hope to have the chance to see this new site as well. The plan for the construction for this new farm is to advance compliance with international best practices and “therein work to guarantee an extended future for aquaculture in the region”.

Based on the discussions that took place during my trip to Ireland it sounded as though many people in the aquaculture industry in the region are finding it frustrating that the industry has not been developing up to its full potential. This new site is one step closer to the development that farmers and industry professionals were discussing.

“This is a very positive step forward for our company and for the aquaculture industry as a whole. Our seas have rightly been identified as a key component of our economic recovery and sustainable growth. We are extremely keen to begin work on this site as soon as possible with development at Shot Head likely to be complete in just 14 weeks,” said MHI Managing Director, Jan Feenstra.”

We are excited to see how the developments and take place and hopefully have the chance to outfit this new farm site with a Deep Trekker ROV of their own!

To learn more about the construction of the new site in Bantry Bay click here.

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