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Underwater ROVs for Situational Awareness

Rachel Doornekamp   |   November 25, 2019

Today’s defense vessels are advanced, cutting edge vehicles filled with a multitude of sensors and equipment to monitor operations within the ship. What many may be lacking however, is situational awareness of the ship’s hull.

From debris to adversaries, there are many instances where the hull could be potentially damaged. A Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) provides a quick and accurate way for a team to inspect any potential damage.

Take for example, an alarming sound heard scraping against the hull while in the middle of an ocean. What is your next move? If you’re like most defense ships the next step is a laborious one. Limp the ship back home or to the nearest (potentially foreign) fort. Following the scheduling of divers, the ship has to be tagged out and wait for divers to arrive. After ensuring safety and security procedures are met, the divers can then enter the water to determine what the issue is, however minor it may actually be. This entire process could be greatly expedited through the use of a Deep Trekker robot.


Inspections completed with a Deep Trekker are accurate and effective. Equipped with 4K cameras and powerful lighting, the internal cameras allow users to get eyes in the water and on the hull of the ship. Video recordings and photos can be taken for further examination.

Sonar add-ons ensure accurate inspections in even the most turbid of waters.


Deep Trekker ROVs are easy to use and quick to deploy. Minimal training is required before a user can confidently and accurately pilot the ROV. Quick deployment gets eyes in the water ASAP for efficient investigation.

Deploy a ROV to perform quick, safe and affordable hull inspections

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The battery-powered ROVs don’t require topside power, meaning you don’t have to lug around any external power sources. The 6-8 hour battery life allows users to bring the robot to whatever remote location is needed. Finally, a customized carrying case provides easy transport of the ROV when not in use. The case also allows for convenient storage of the robot on any size vessel.


Using an ROV to gain underwater awareness can significantly cut down on costs associated with divers or dry docking. Additionally, the quick deployment saves valuable time during inspection processes.

ROVs have many other valuable roles to fill on a defense vessel as well. Applications such as target location and identification, payload delivery, salvage, and critical infrastructure inspection are greatly simplified and much safer using Deep Trekker’s versatile and capable platforms.

Learn more about how Deep Trekker products are being used in the defense industry or contact an industry specialist today!

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