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Empowerment in Aquaculture | Women Around the Globe

Shannon Regan   |   March 7, 2019

According to a review by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 70 percent of the global aquaculture workforce are female, occupying roles from fish production and processing to retail and support.

With seafood as a key source of nutrition worldwide, increasing gender equality throughout its supply chain is crucial for this industry's advancements.

In small-scale fisheries and aquaculture, the circumstances, involvement, constraints, barriers, options, and benefits are often different for women and men. Today, Deep Trekker is profiling and recognizing the the incredible women involved in the Aquaculture industry, including our very own Sam Macdonald.

Women in Aquaculture

Sam Macdonald, President, Deep Trekker

ROVs provide immediate inspection solutions so farm operators and aquaculture specialists always have an understanding of their submerged infrastructure and fish stocks. The idea for the DTG3 ROV came about when Deep Trekker President Sam Macdonald dropped her flashlight in Lake Huron and began wishing that she had a tool that everyone could use to retrieve such items. And the rest is history!

women in aquaculture sam macdonald

Marie-Aude Danguy, Triskell Seafood Ltd

Originally from Brittany, Marie-Aude Danguy has been living and working in Ireland since the 1990s. She began working with a group of local shellfish farmers before establishing her own company, Triskell Seafood Ltd, which specialises in live shellfish.

Marie-Aude Danguy women in aquaculture

Linn Therese Skår Hosteland, Kystrederiene

Linn Therese Skår Hosteland grew up helping her family produce salmon, cod and halibut on a farm in western Norway. She now works as a
communications officer for the Norwegian coastal shipowners’ trade organisation Kystrederiene.

Linn Therese Skår Hosteland women in aquaculture

A big thank you to these incredible women and all the others contributing to the aquaculture industry around the world!

For more information on how Deep Trekker ROVs are contributing to the aquaculture industry, contact our team today.

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