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Workboat Utility Crawler Offers Diverless Underwater Inspections

Shannon Regan   |   January 24, 2018

The DT640 Utility Crawler with Oculus Multibeam Sonar provides clear hull inspections in low-visibility water. Deep Trekker announces product demonstrations at Canada’s largest commercial marine event - Fish Canada Workboat Canada 2018 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Canadian Workboat Industry

As the workboat industry ponders two main questions coming into the new year, namely if the price of oil will sustain thereby increasing exploration and development and whether Atlantic aquaculture production will continue to grow, Deep Trekker will introduce its cost-saving workboat inspection technologies to the Canadian workboat market.

The Fish Canada Workboat Canada Show in Moncton, New Brunswick, taking place January 26th and 27th at the Moncton Coliseum is Canada’s largest commercial marine trade show and brings together industry experts, products and services to address the issues surrounding Atlantic Canada’s marine-based industries, all of whom hope for positive upticks in the marketplace.

Save Underwater Inspections

While the workboat marketplace in Canada encompasses a wide variety of industries from fish farming to processing to energy, concerns over safety and cost savings are similar across the board. Deep Trekker keeps these issues firmly in mind while developing submersible robots to perform boat hull inspections, dock inspections and virtually any task that requires underwater exploration.

Underwater ROVs and Utility Crawlers


Their flagship ROVs, the DTG2 and DTX2 have been operating in this space for several years now. The company will introduce the DT640 Utility Crawler which uses magnets to stick to a ship’s hull to ensure structural and operational integrity.

“Deep Trekker takes pride in the fact that they have always collaborated with their clients to build affordable products to perform underwater inspections for various industries,” says Sam MacDonald, President, Deep Trekker Inc. “The newest DT640 Utility Crawler has been proven to work on numerous projects around the world for the marine industry. Its technology has been tested to conduct affordable and safe UWILD inspections without the need for dry-docking.”

Hull Inspection Demo

Hull Inspection MagCrawler DT640

Deep Trekker invites anyone interested to visit the Fish Canada Workboat Canada Show for a personal demonstration and hands-on trial of the DT640 with the Oculus Multibeam Sonar system. This is the must-attend industry event for those who make their living on, in, and around the water, and for those who provide the related products and services to keep Atlantic Canada’s marine-based industries running.

Can’t make it to Moncton? Contact us today to chat.

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