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Underwater Drones Tackling Today’s Water Challenges

Shannon Regan   |   March 22, 2018

As innovators, creators, skilled engineers, technologists and avid lovers and dreamers of the underwater world, Deep Trekker’s line of submersible robotics are being used to discover more about our oceans, lakes, and rivers and finding new ways to tackle today’s water challenges across the globe - World Water Day.

World Water Day | Tackling Today’s Water Challenges with Deep Trekker ROVs

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Need for Innovation | World Water Day

There is a significant need for innovation in water science, technology, and infrastructure to help meet our water challenges and cope with crises such as harm to subsea infrastructure, flooding, and pollution. Even countries with a large supply of freshwater, such as Canada (home to the Great Lakes), will face significant water challenges in the coming years. As these issues around the globe and in communities across Canada have shown, water challenges are rising and we need to support in any way we can. In Canada, we face serious water challenges in Indigenous communities, new and enduring water pollution in many of our lakes, rivers, and aquifers, and aging infrastructure at a time when populations are continuing to expand and urbanize.

How Deep Trekker Can Help

There are many benefits to underwater drones exploring the waters around us. In light of World Water Day, here are some examples of how Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are tackling the global water challenge.

Water Infrastructure

Routine inspections are key to the success of any type of infrastructure. With underwater infrastructure, routine inspections such as dam, bridge, and reservoir inspections were historically strenuous, and often quite dangerous. The importance of these inspections increases for the long-term maintenance of the structure, due to the effect that water has on construction materials. The Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler is specifically designed to perform infrastructure inspections of pipeline systems. The crawler is submersible of 50 meters (164 ft), making it an ideal tool for a variety of inspections, such as storm and sanitary systems. The system builds on the same principles of the Deep Trekker ROVs but specifically configured to crawl through pipelines with a live video feed of the pipe’s integrity. Continued maintenance and inspections are critical to ensuring the safety of our community’s water systems.

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Addressing Aquaculture

aquaculture-fish-rov   Deep Trekker inspection systems have been developed over the years to support the aquaculture industry. Now more than ever before, underwater drones are making it possible to protect the environment, giving fish farmers eyes beneath the water and allowing them to monitor water conditions effectively and efficiently. Challenging ocean currents and greater depths requires infrastructure of offshore aquaculture farms to be improved and developed to withstand the environment. Deep Trekker’s DTG2 ROV offers many solutions. The idea of sustainable aquaculture is to try to use our water in a way that will allow it to flourish. Fish farmers are often tackled with pollution in their waters - either from waste or uneaten fish. The impacts of both can be severe and harmful to our water. Although we may never be able to eliminate pollution in its entirety, Deep Trekker ROVs provide new ways to monitor fish supply and repair water by providing underwater inspection and inspection tools for observing fish behavior, maintaining net integrity, conducting benthic surveys and more.

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