Pipe Crawler Add-ons

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dt320 mini pipe crawler dt340 deep trekker sewer camera

Add on – DT320 Mini Crawler

$16,999 USD
deep trekker dt320 mini pipe crawler cctv sewer camera

DT320 Mini Crawler Package

$25,999 USD
Video Glasses

Digital Video Glasses

$499 USD

Digital Video Recorder

$549 USD
10" Carbide Wheels

10″ Carbide Grit Wheels

$1,999 USD
Pipe Crawler Carbide Wheels

8″ Carbide Grit Wheels

$1,609 USD
Pipe Crawler Tracks

Crawler Tracks Kit

$6,499 USD
Elevating Arm for Pipe Crawler

DT340 Elevating Arm

$5,848 USD
Pipe Crawler Lifting Kit

Lifting Hook and Rope

$99 USD
10" Wheel Set for Pipe Crawler

Wheel Kit for 10″ Pipe

$849 USD