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Customer Success Story: MOWI

Deep Trekker is proud to provide submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to the aquaculture industry. By empowering husbandry technicians to improve their underwater awareness, ROVs have a profound effect on a farm's everyday operations.

We spoke to Gerry Burry, Site Manager at MOWI’s Quatsino operating area in British Columbia, to hear more about how the MOWI team uses ROVs on their farms.


Started in 1964 as a backyard fish farm, MOWI has established themselves as one of aquaculture’s industry leaders. Fulfilling one fifth of global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon, MOWI is now the world's largest salmon farming company.

In 2019, MOWI developed their Blue Revolution plan to continue to build their company “around a tasty and nutritious product; financial responsibility and transparency; and taking care of our planet and its people.”

Deep Trekker ROVs

Deep Trekker offers two ROVs for use in the aquaculture industry, the DTG3 and the REVOLUTION.

The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments. Intelligence and advanced capabilities make this portable, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicle the best in its class. Depth rating to 200 meters (656 feet) and battery operated, the DTG3 is easily portable and quick to deploy.

The REVOLUTION is a redesigned ROV engineered to be faster and more powerful. Depth rated to 305m(1000ft) with robust vectored thrusters to move laterally and work in currents, the patented pending revolving head allows operators to rotate the camera, manipulators, and sonar all while station holding in moving water. Like the DTG3, the REVOLUTION is a completely battery operated vehicle, allowing the system to be deployed from anywhere.

Deep Trekker offers a suite of aquaculture specific add-ons including mort pushers, and net repair tools, as well as various grabber arms and samplers.

Deep Trekker also offers the DTPod, an inspection and monitoring drop camera for underwater inspections and permanent installations, providing high-resolution video to the surface.

Using the ROV

Deep Trekker ROVs are regularly used by the MOWI team for a variety of purposes to optimize their overall operations.

One of the primary uses of ROVs on MOWI farms is the regular inspection of nets and anchoring. Using the ROV, MOWI nets can be inspected frequently in a convenient and effective manner. With the ROV, pilots can easily inspect the integrity and cleanliness of their pens on a regular basis allowing them to quickly catch any minor issues before they become major problems.

In addition to monitoring the overall integrity of their pens, MOWI uses their ROVs to keep a close eye on their fish. From monitoring feeding to fish behaviour to smolt delivery, using Deep Trekker ROVs allows MOWI to conveniently optimize the health and welfare of their fish.

“You can see your fish whenever you want to,” says Gerry Burry, Site Manager at MOWI’s Quatsino operating area in British Columbia. “Plus, every time we can prevent a scuba diver from entering the water, we increase safety and save money, it doesn’t take long for one single unit to pay for itself.”

By using an ROV for inspection purposes, MOWI is not only able to optimize their farm husbandry, they save time and money on dive teams. In using an ROV for consistent inspections and monitoring, the MOWI team does not have to regularly hire dive teams, allowing the organization to save both time and money. Furthermore, the use of an ROV keeps divers safe and out of potentially troublesome situations. Our lithium-ion battery-powered DTG3s can be easily wheeled around in the single Pelican case and deployed in less than 30 seconds by a sole operator, reducing the need for external dive teams. This really helps if physical distancing is a part of your organization’s COVID-19 mitigation policy.

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Cost Savings

By examining MOWI’s ROV usage over the years, the Deep Trekker team was able to determine the value created over the life of a Deep Trekker ROV. As a part of our analysis, the following key terms were used to determine value creation:

Estimated Dive Hours Saved

  • This is based on the number of hours per week divers would spend in the water at the average farm doing visual inspections only, and then multiplied by the length of time the ROV has been in operation.

Dive Costs to Date

  • The amount that would have been spent on divers if the company had not invested in an ROV. Based on a cost of $250/hour.

Value Creation to Date

  • The amount they've saved on divers minus the initial cost of the ROV.

Future Dive Hours Saved

  • This is the estimated dive hours saved based on the remaining lifespan of the ROV, multiplied by 5 hours per week.

Expected Value Created Over Remainder of Lifetime

  • This is the estimated amount saved on divers over the remainder of the ROV's life.

Expected Total Value Creation

  • Value creation to date plus the expected value created over the ROV’s life.


  • Average unit cost: $7,900 USD
  • Total units in service: 17
  • Estimated dive hours saved: 14,898
  • Estimated dive costs saved to date: $3,724,500 USD
  • Estimated value created to date: $3,608,052 USD
  • Estimated future dive hours saved by newest ROVs: 1,742
  • Estimated value created over remainder of lifetime: $435,500
  • Estimated expected total value creation: $4,043,552 USD

MOWI and Deep Trekker

MOWI Canada West has been one of Deep Trekker’s most loyal customers throughout our 10 year history. Through MOWI’s constant experimentation and learning, Deep Trekker has been able to further build and develop aquaculture applications.

We thank Gerry Burry and MOWI for his time and input! Learn more about how Deep Trekker benefits the aquaculture industry or reach out to our team of industry experts!

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