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DTG2 Worker Retrieves Evidence

Mini remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have long been limited to inspections and underwater filming, but there is a need for some light work to be completed with mini ROVs as well. Deep Trekker aims to create useful underwater tools with innovative functions for the specific needs of our customers. Among the first tools created by the Deep Trekker team was the 2 Function Grabber Arm.

The 2 Function Grabber can rotate 360 degrees and hold up to 70 pounds of in water weight, opening up to 7 inches, it can retrieve small and large objects. The delicate touch of the claws can even grab car keys from the middle of a lake.

The grabber arm is a great tool for the police, military and search and rescue teams around the world. Getting eyes underwater as quickly as possible is important for first response teams to retrieve evidence, weapons or even bodies, in a much faster and safer way with the DTG2 Worker.

Use ROVs to improve the locating, identification and retrieval of your target

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