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Make Hull Inspection easy with ROVs

From shipping vessels to cruise lines, the ocean waterways are getting busier. Performing subsea inspections of these vessels is extremely important to ensuring they remain functional on the waterways and continue to provide a safe means of transportation.

Hull inspections are much easier with the help of the Deep Trekker DTX2 ROV. Keeping divers out of harm’s way, crew or port authorities can efficiently inspect the hull for paint imperfections, anomalies, or contraband.

What makes the DTX2 remotely operated vehicle ideal for hull inspections? Here are just some of the features our customers love about the DTX2 ROV:

Vectored Thrusters

DTX2-Overview-1207x4651Lateral movement is extremely important when performing sweeps of the sides of the hull. The DTX2 ROV is configured with vectored thrusters to not only stand up in currents but to also easily perform side to side movement for a quick but comprehensive scan of the sides of the hull.

Rotating Camera

Inside this spherically shaped ROV, is an HD camera that rotates 270 degrees. This makes it easy to look up towards the hull or scan along a weld line. Paired with the rotating camera is a bright LED light to help see in dark waters.

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Battery Operated

The DTX2 ROV is equipped with internal batteries, which last 4 – 6 hours with a 1.5 hour charge. Internal batteries mean that the DTX2 ROV can be launched from anywhere and is stored in only two carrying cases, making it compact enough to be easily accessible on the vessel without taking up valuable space.

Lightweight Tether

X2 Reel_2Without having to send power through the tether to the ROV, it is extremely lightweight. Don’t mistake this for weak. The DTX2's tether is strong enough to lift and lower the ROV into the water yet light enough to not cause drag. Having as little drag as possible will make your inspections much more manageable.


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