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6 Reasons Why Deep Trekkers are the Best in Aquaculture

The more people become fascinated with the species, eco systems and hidden treasures that sit at the bottom of the ocean, the more people turn to mini-ROVs to do their exploring. While the applications for mini-ROVs like the Deep Trekker DTG2 are endless, the submersibles have proven themselves as worthy tools for a few specific industries, like Aquaculture.

At Deep Trekker, we sold our very first unit to a fish farmer in Norway. Today, as other ROV companies begin to understand the need for ROVs in the aquaculture industry, farmers are provided with more ROVs and submersibles to choose from for their farm operations.

While it may not come as a surprise that I think the Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV is the optimal choice for most aquaculture operations, I can promise that my opinion is backed by merit and is not simply a biased statement. In this post I am going to cover the 6 main reasons why Deep Trekker ROVs are the best choice for aquaculture operations.

100% Portability

The first reason Deep Trekker ROVs take the cake when it comes to aquaculture ROVs is the fact that they are 100% portable. While others may claim to offer portable products, we are the only ROV on the market that is robust enough to handle a farm while still being entirely battery powered and require absolutely no additional equipment. That is, no carrying around topside power or Wi-Fi boxes. The simple fact is that when you are working on a fish farm, you want to do everything you can to limit the risks to the fish. Carrying a generator around a site means that the chances of generator leaks into the farm are significantly more likely than using a tool that is entirely self-contained and operating on battery power. Worried about run time? No need to, with lithium ion batteries Deep Trekker’s batteries last between 6-8 hours on one 1.5 hour charge so there are no issues getting an entire day’s work out of the ROV.

ROV on FarmWatch Amanda Deploy an ROV in less than 30 seconds


The second factor that differentiates Deep Trekker ROVs from other ROVs on the market is its affordable price. While constant monitoring ability is a huge aspect of aquaculture operations, often times, especially for smaller farms, the budgets simply do not allow farm managers to purchase highly expensive tools. Deep Trekker ROVs offer tools that fall within manager’s ability to budget.

Check out our Products Page to compare prices.

Unmatched Maneuverability


maneuverable ROV Deep Trekker’s patented pitching offers unmatched maneuverability. For anyone who has seen the underwater infrastructure of a fish farm, you know that there are lines and nets that tools can sometimes get caught on. We have built a unit that is extremely versatile when it comes to movement and is so easy to drive that children can do it. We offer the only ROV with this pitching system and have received tremendous positive feedback from a number of aquaculture farms from across the globe explaining that the ROV flies exceptionally through a farm.

Our Industry Knowledge

The fourth and possibly the biggest reason why we are the go-to ROV for the aquaculture industry is the fact that we have been committed to providing a tool for farmers since the very beginning. Our very first ROV was sold to a fish farm in Norway. Since then we have sold over 500 ROVs to the aquaculture industry alone, asking for feedback and suggestions along the way. Farm managers have been one of our biggest resources when developing and improving our ROVs for the aquaculture industry. Nobody knows what is needed in a farm management tool better than a farm manager. We have accepted feedback and built strong relationships with farms throughout the past 5 years in order to provide the best ROV possible.

Industry Specific Add-ons


Building off of my last point, along with feedback from customers came suggestions for additional industry specific tools. Our engineers are constantly working to develop tools and add-ons for all of the industries we sell to; aquaculture is definitely not an exception. Last year we released a mort pusher tool, used to push morts into lift up systems or even bring a mort to the surface in order to perform diagnostic testing. We have also developed a net repair tool used to temporarily repair a ripped net while managers wait for divers to arrive. Farm escapes can be detrimental to a farm’s operations so we have delivered a tool that allows farm employee and/or managers to ensure no escapes take place while they wait for a dive team to arrive.

Farmers Say So

Lastly, I believe that Deep Trekker offers the best option for aquaculture operations because I have been told so from farm employees and managers. With farms around the globe equipped with Deep Trekker ROVs, we have been told numerous times that the tool has been a huge asset to farms and the robustness mixed with extreme maneuverability makes the DTG2 the perfect tool for a fish farm.

Click here to find out what other farmer's have had to say about their Deep Trekkers. Inspecting your farm is extremely important to ensure the integrity of your infrastructure is not compromised. Being able to check on your fish and infrastructure at a moment’s notice not only provides peace of mind, but can help combat aquaculture critics by proving that your farm uses best practices as well as catch a problem right from the outset before it has a chance to expand into a bigger issue. While manufacturing ROVs is our main task at Deep Trekker, we are constantly doing everything we can to learn about the industries we sell to so that we are able to offer real solutions to real problems. If you have a question about ROVs, the aquaculture industry itself or ROVs within the industry never hesitate to reach out. If we don’t know the answer, chances are we know someone who does.

Interested in obtaining a Deep Trekker ROV for your farm but not sure of which package is right for you? Check out our recommended Aquaculture Packages here.

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