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Standpipe Cleaning with Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc.

We were thrilled to speak with Robert Perrin of Ron Perrin Water Technologies to discuss how the team uses their DT640 VAC to clean water tanks. Affectionately called, “Wallie”, the vehicle is more specifically used in standpipes, often over 100 feet in height. Using the DT640, the team is able to clean sediment and sludge from the floor of the tank without taking the facility out of service.

Clean, readily available water is absolutely imperative for our health and well-being. A massive part of water maintenance is the regular cleaning of storage tanks. Over time sediment from particles and minerals in the water sink to the bottom of the tank, eventually creating a layer of sediment or sludge which can impact both the quality of the water and the structural integrity of the tank.

Perrin Water

Standpipe and Tank Cleaning

Robert noted that the introduction of the DT640 changed the way that the Ron Perrin Water Technologies team conducted standpipe cleaning. “We use the vehicle instead of divers for tank cleaning,” he said. “Before we got the vehicle we would have to drain the tanks and the utility would lose up to 100,000 of gallons of water.”

When using the DT640 for tank cleaning operators save significant amounts of time and money by keeping the asset in service.

Vehicle Portability

Robert noted that when choosing to go with a Deep Trekker there were key factors at play. In addition to being an affordable option, the DT640 was a significantly lighter vehicle than its competitors, making it a convenient and portable option.

Portability is crucial for the Ron Perrin Water Technologies team, especially when cleaning standpipes. “We’re taking the vehicle more than 110 feet in the air and then dropping it back down that far into the water,” explained Robert. It’s imperative in these situations that the utility crawler be safely and efficiently transported and deployed in different work environments.


DT640 in lieu of divers

Robert noted that the team uses the DT640 vehicle in lieu of divers. Using the utility crawler keeps human divers safe and out of potentially dangerous situations. Furthermore, the use of the DT640 allows for cleaning to be completed in a timely and convenient manner.

“On standpipes we often deal with at least 100 feet of water so the divers can’t stay down as long as the Deep Trekker can,” explained Robert.

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Deep Trekker Difference

Robert noted that Deep Trekker has, “always taken care of our needs.” At Deep Trekker customer experience is our motto and we place great importance on listening to our customers.

Robert shared that one of his favorite things about the DT640 is “the fact that it works.” Put simply, vehicles need to be reliable and durable to get the job done.

When speaking about the DT640 Robert said that, “our crew likes the vehicle, they think it’s fun to use.”

Ron Perrin controller

What is the DT640

A purpose built ROV, the DT640 is designed to work in tough underwater environments. A unique solution to various inspections and tasks, the DT640 is equipped with a camera specially designed to work in low light conditions to provide high quality feedback.

With lithium ion battery power, the DT640 does not require a topside power source making the vehicle easily portable. The 360 degree turn radius makes the DT640 a highly maneuverable vehicle providing operators with an effective way in which to inspect underwater infrastructure.

The DT640 VAC Crawler provides operators with an effective and convenient way in which to conduct tank cleanings. Available in the standard DT640 VAC package and the DT640 VAC XL package, the DT640 has a solution for you.

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We sincerely thank Robert and Ron Perrin Water Technologies for sharing their story and photos with us! You can follow Ron Perrin Water Technologies on Facebook, LinkedIn, and check out their blog.

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have, reach out today! You can also learn more about the DT640 in our case study with The Tank Inspectors.

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