Thickness Testing

Dealing with corrosion is an integral part of ship upkeep. Conducting regular thickness tests is the key to optimizing maintenance schedules and minimizing vessel downtime. Along with sonar, ROVs can also integrate with ultrasonic thickness gauges. This enables them to evaluate the thickness of steel on tanks, hulls and other metal surfaces. The probe simply presses on the surface to provide effective measurements even through paint coatings or marine growth.

Mauverbility / Navibalty

Powerful thrusters, small form factors, and adjustable control sensitivities result in an extremely easy to maneuver inspection system. ROVs that are configured with vectored or vertical thrusters provide superior navigation through currents and also enable multiple planes of movement for comprehensive scans of the hull.


Maritime environments can make obtaining clear visuals difficult, particularly at ports where frequent movement can stir up silt from the bottom. While most ROVs come standard with high quality lighting, turbid conditions can render camera visuals useless. In these instances, ROVs can easily be equipped with imaging sonars to provide clear perspective even through the murkiest environments.

oculus sonar screen

Minimize Risks to Divers

The most important benefit of utilizing an ROV for hull inspections, is the elimination of danger for divers. Diving under a large vessel can put divers in extremely precarious positions. Container ships are divided into seven sizes: small feeder, feeder, feedermax, Panamax, Post-Panamax, New Panamax and ultra-large. Ultra-large vessels can measure up to 160ft wide and 50ft deep. With no method for immediate resurfacing, equipment failure during an underwater inspection can be a lethal situation.

Additionally, even when a ship is anchored, it still retains the ability to adjust positions with the current. If a diver is underneath conducting an inspection, a shift can result in a direct collision with the diver. On top of the specific dangers of navigating under ships, divers are also at risk of the regular concerns of pressurization during diving. When an ROV enters the water in lieu of a human, all of these risks are effectively eliminated.

Maximizing Hull Inspections with Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker offers three different ROV models to suit any budget. All three models are equipped with powerful thrusters, high definition cameras, intuitive controls, and are extremely portable. Trade spending thousands of dollars on professional dive teams or dry-docking for one of Deep Trekker’s comprehensive ROV packages.

The DTG3

dtg3 ship

For quick eyes underwater, the DTG3 is the most portable and cost-effective ROV from Deep Trekker. It can battle up to 2 knot currents and houses a 270 degree panning HD camera for smooth scans underneath ship hulls. Unable to effectively integrate with sonar due to its compact two-thruster design, the DTG3 is best suited for calm, clear environments.


revolution floating

The REVOLUTION ROV from Deep Trekker utilizes six thrusters in a larger, more robust body for optimal power through complex environments. The four vectored and two horizontal thrusters enable three different planes of movement to navigate in unorthodox patterns while maintaining a clear visual.

This larger design is best suited for hull inspections when combined with the M3000D imaging sonar. This is the best-in-class option for extremely detailed, up-close inspections through murky conditions. The enhanced 4K camera is also recommended for identifying smaller defects, and the thickness gauge or CP probe can also be integrated for hull structural evaluations.

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