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I Know I Have to Inspect my Hull... But Why?

Going back through the Deep Trekker archives, I came across this piece about UWILD best practices. It demonstrates how Deep Trekker ROVs can be used to perform fast, efficient, and easy hull inspections. If you’re someone who works in a ship yard, border security port, or own a vessel of your own, you should be performing regular hull inspections. But why?

Here are the top five reasons we think regular hull inspections should be a priority:

1. To ensure the integrity of the structure is not compromised.

The number one reason to perform regular hull inspections is for the peace of mind of knowing that your vessel is in good shape. You want to be sure that there are no cracks, leaks, dents or hull irregularities that can compromise your hull as time passes. By using a system like the DTG3 Underwater Drone, a quick inspection is possible with under 3 minute deployment.

2. To discover contraband or attached foreign objects.

Contraband inspections are another reason regular hull inspections should be performed. We recently wrote a post that explains in detail the benefits of using a Underwater ROV for contraband inspections. Ensuring that every visitor who arrives in a port of entry receives the same careful inspection as those arriving by land or air is paramount to safety and security. Mini-ROVs are a great way for fast and efficient hull inspections to be completed at nation’s borders.

3. To control and eradicate invasive species.

Invasive species are a problem that affects a number of ecosystems around the globe and are a concern to environmental activists, marine biologists and aquaculture proponents. One of the major focuses for all these professionals is ensuring the well-being of the fish stock and their environment. Upon entering a site, proper sanitation methods are required for all visitors. In a situation where various boats and vessels are entering a farm site or another area where the risk of invasive species is much greater than it already is in general, using a mini-ROV to perform quick hull inspections on all visiting vessels can prove to be high advantageous.

4. To monitor the status of your paint job.

This may seem like a small task, but with expensive paint jobs whether it be on a freight ship, yacht, fishing boat, cruise vessel, or sail boat, ensuring the paint job is holding up to its promise can significantly reduce future maintenance costs.

5. To allow easy and effective, emergency observation.

Impromptu inspections are always going to be needed. I mentioned ensuring the integrity of your structure in general in the first point. In some cases a vessel can hit an object on the seafloor or floating in the water and an emergency inspection is needed to ensure that the vessel is still safe to be aboard and does not compromise the safety of those onboard. That is when a tool like the DTG2 ROV is perfect, with easy deployment from anywhere.

Keeping a constant eye on the physical condition of the underside of your vessel may seem like a cumbersome task. However it is critical to ensure proper maintenance and the safety of your boat. Deep Trekker offers a tool that allows you to perform these quick inspections in an easy, effective and affordable manner that involves little setup or take-down.

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