Miko Marine Uses Deep Trekker ROV for Offshore Project

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As we make our way through the first weeks of 2016 we thought we would share a great customer story from Miko Marine AS that explains how they are using their Deep Trekker ROVs.

“Miko Marine AS is based in Oslo, Norway, from where it also provides a range of unique salvage and support products for the marine industry.” For this specific project they took on the task of designing and implementing cofferdam and sea chest covers that use magnetic holding technology. The project was performed for an offshore drilling company that, due to safety factors, decided to improve the seals on their sea chests and improve defense against water conditions.

“Magnetic adhesion is a key element of the system’s design and Miko expertise in this specialised technology will enable significant time and cost savings to be achieved. The most notable application is the use of four powerful Miko MAM permanent magnets to hold each of the four cofferdams tight against the hull. With each magnet capable of holding up to 450 kg it is possible to achieve an instant watertight seal for the cofferdams without the need for any other attachments or holding mechanisms being fitted to the hull.”

Where do we come in?
“With the covers in place the tank was lowered into the sea at Haugesund, on the west coast of Norway, where at a depth of 16 metres an internal camera was able to verify that there was no leakage while an inspection ROV was also used to examine the covers from the outside.”

Miko Marine also explained that “when the job is finished each magnet is simply freed by having its release lever lifted by a diver or ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) so the cofferdam can then be retrieved.”

Check out the full story here.

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