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HD Underwater Drone (ROV) – Internal 4K Recording

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Introducing a commercial-grade HD underwater drone, available now.

We are pleased to officially announce Deep Trekker ROVs can now record in full 4K video. Select the DTG2 or DTX2 ROV lines, to dive up to 500 ft (150 m) and 1,000 ft (305 m) respectively, all while capturing the cinema-quality imagery you desire.

The internal HD camera rotates 270 degrees to capture imagery above or below you, everything is controlled with the intuitive handheld controller. Deep Trekker is pleased to be able to offer this upgraded camera option while still providing an extremely robust and ocean-grade product that you know and love.

The 4K ROV can ship immediately, watch the launch video below or contact us today to order yours!


Video Transcript:

Hi there! This is Sam from Deep Trekker and I’m here today to make a huge announcement!

The DTG2 and its big brother the DTX2 now with full HD 4k recording. If you have ever wanted to be underwater filmmakers this is the tool for you.  I know I got to see a first-hand all summer on my favorite wrecks at the Great Lakes here in Ontario, Canada and we even had it with Parks Canada on the HMS Erebus as part of the Franklin expedition.

It’s so easy to use, so simple straight out of the box – full 4k recording at your fingertips. Still pictures, image stabilized video, this is perfect. This is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Go visit DeepTrekker.com where you can order it, available today or check out some of the early footage at DeepTrekker.com.

Underwater Lighting for HD Underwater Drone

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