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New Technologies for Effective Pipe Inspections


A look at new technologies advancing the monitoring process of aging infrastructure. Effectively reducing the cost of ongoing inspections and maintenance. Without a doubt, aging utility infrastructures in cities around the world require more maintenance and repairs than ever. The average person takes the systems put into place long ago to collect excess water, deliver drinking… Read More »


Recovering Submerged Vehicles Using An ROV

Commercial / Salvage

When it comes to recovering submerged vehicles, nothing makes it easier than using a Deep Trekker underwater drone; see how one client is using his ROV. No one ever really knows what might be lurking beneath the surface or on the bottom of a body of water. Submerged vehicles, vivid marine life or forgotten structures… Read More »


Offshore Wind Farm Approved for Long Island

Oil and Energy

Offshore wind proposal is approved to be built off the east coast of the United States; bringing them one step closer to obtaining new, clean, renewable energy. We have occasionally written about offshore wind farms in the past. Recently, a proposal to construct a 90-megawatt (MW) wind energy plant off the coast of Long Island has… Read More »


Dirty Tankers Reinforce Need for Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Marine Survey / Shipping

Dirty Tankers anchored off the coast of Venezuela due to the coating of oil and sludge outside of the hull – How underwater drones are used to maintain and inspect ships to prevent this issue. Prevention and containment legislation is championed by international organizations and is enforced around the globe at local and national levels… Read More »


Ghost Fishing – A Serious Ecological and Economic Issue


Ghost Fishing: The ecological and economic effect from abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear. How underwater drones aid in restoring marine life. Consider the sheer number of nets, long lines, fish traps, floats and other man-made devices used around the world by commercial fisheries.  If this fishing gear is abandoned, lost or discarded, organizations which… Read More »


Drones at Dubai Boat Show 2017 and Wrecks to Explore

For Everyone, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Drones are making a splash at the Dubai International Boat Show – Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) exploring shipwrecks and sunken treasures. Our team is set for the Dubai International Boat Show which runs from February 28th to March 4th. At the show, Deep Trekker will be located at Stand D-112. Our underwater drones will… Read More »

Top 5 Ways Marine Researchers are Currently Using Underwater Drones

For Everyone, Marine Survey / Shipping, Underwater Discovery and Research

Marine researchers around the world are utilizing Deep Trekker Underwater Drones (or ROVs) in their marine projects; here are the top 5 applications being used today. In a few weeks, the world will gather in San Diego, California for the Oceanology International North America exhibition. It will bring together water industry professionals, manufacturers, educators, government… Read More »

Setting up Storm Water Inspection

Storm Water System CCTV Inspection

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Recently, a small town of 8,200 residents purchased a DT340 pipe crawler and took control of their storm water inspections. The town of Renfrew is a small municipality, with storm and sanitary system including 89 km (55 miles) of pipe. In 2005, Renfrew hired a CCTV service company to inspect 75% of their system, totaling… Read More »


Preventing Sinkholes: Avoiding Costly Repairs


Examining the causes of sinkholes and how Deep Trekker is aiding in preventing costly repairs and unwarranted closures. When it comes to preventing sinkholes, we must first understand how and why they appear. Armed with this knowledge, we can then take proper action to thwart the sudden appearances of these, costly craters. Sinkholes slowly develop… Read More »


Fish Farms – Inspections Below the Surface


Fish farms are tackling the increased demand for aquatic food, while underwater drones are tackling regular and ongoing inspections to ensure fish health and the integrity of the enclosures. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by the year 2050, there will be nearly 2 billion more humans populating the earth.… Read More »


Large Area Search and Recovery Tactics

Military / First Responder

A glimpse into large area search and recovery tactics and how Remotely Operated Vehicles have aided in missions. It may seem like an impossible task as you glare over a large body of water; knowing that someone has gone missing beneath the alluring surface and it is your mission to find them. Sadly, this scenario takes… Read More »


Port Authority Vessel Inspections? – Try Going “Remote First”

Marine Survey / Shipping

The risks involved with Port Authority Vessel Inspections and how going “Remote First” can not only save time and money but also reducing the risk endangering a life. New vessels arriving in your port bring many economic benefits. However, from the surface, it is impossible to know what could be hiding below the water lines… Read More »

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