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Fish Farms – Inspections Below the Surface


Fish farms are tackling the increased demand for aquatic food, while underwater drones are tackling regular and ongoing inspections to ensure fish health and the integrity of the enclosures. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by the year 2050, there will be nearly 2 billion more humans populating the earth.… Read More »


Large Area Search and Recovery Tactics

Military / First Responder

A glimpse into large area search and recovery tactics and how Remotely Operated Vehicles have aided in missions. It may seem like an impossible task as you glare over a large body of water; knowing that someone has gone missing beneath the alluring surface and it is your mission to find them. Sadly, this scenario takes… Read More »


Port Authority Vessel Inspections? – Try Going “Remote First”

Marine Survey / Shipping

The risks involved with Port Authority Vessel Inspections and how going “Remote First” can not only save time and money but also reducing the risk endangering a life. New vessels arriving in your port bring many economic benefits. However, from the surface, it is impossible to know what could be hiding below the water lines… Read More »


Importance of Inspecting Reservoirs

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Inspecting Reservoirs – what is the importance of them, why they are inspected, and how ROVs help pave the way for low-cost, regular maintenance. What is a Reservoir? Deriving from the French word réservoir meaning “storehouse,” a reservoir is exactly that – a storage place for water. More often than not, these bodies of water… Read More »


Happy Holiday from Deep Trekker 2016

For Everyone

Happy holidays from all of us at Deep Trekker As 2016 comes to a close, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and to share some of our favorite moments from this past year. We look forward to working with you again in 2017! Some Highlights from 2016 The Lost Expedition… Read More »


Water Quality & Treatment Centers

For Everyone, Infrastructure

A look at the quality of water and the importance of inspecting the integrity of water treatment centers. Water…clear…cold…refreshing. It’s often your “go-to” beverage for quenching thirst after a vigorous activity. We are very fortunate that often within arm’s reach, rests a glass of water. Without hesitation or worry, you can pick it up, calmly… Read More »


The Lost Expedition of Sir John Franklin

For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

For the first time since it was lost, HMS Erebus has been examined inside and out to lend clues into Franklin’s tragic expedition This August, Parks Canada while equipped with a Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV, traveled north to uncover the mysteries surrounding the HMS Erebus and the rest of the lost Franklin expedition. The Deep Trekker… Read More »

ROV Inspection Truck

Keeping Tanks Online, Without the Dangers of Diving

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction brings peace of mind to customers with regular and efficient mini remotely operated vehicle inspections Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction (HSAC) is a commercial diving company based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Operating since 1994, HSAC recently added a Deep Trekker mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to their team to improve potable… Read More »


A Moving Experience – The New Head Office

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone

Deep Trekker is relocating their Head Office to a larger manufacturing facility to accommodate the increasing demand for their underwater ROVs & Pipe Crawlers. Every day, our customers are coming up with new and exciting ways to use our underwater robots. So much so, that we’ve even designed new features to make our robots smarter, new product… Read More »


Search & Rescue: A Look At Canadian Operations

Military / First Responder

Canadian Search and Rescue It’s not easy being responsible for safeguarding the lives of those at risk throughout Canada. With an area spanning from the US border to the North Pole and from 600 nautical miles (1,111 km) off the coast of Vancouver Island to 900 nautical miles (1,667 km) into the Atlantic Ocean from… Read More »


Views from Inside Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone

Deep Trekker ROVs Provide Survivor First Live View Inside USS Arizona This year marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the USS Arizona. Unlike most other ships that were bombed on that fateful day, the steel battleship suffered so much damage that it was never salvaged. The final resting place of… Read More »


The Scoop on Shellfish Aquaculture


The centerpiece of many culinary gurus’ ‘stunning’ dishes, a shellfish’s journey often begins on a farm. Found on the coastal shores or in freshwater lakes, you’ll discover suspended shellfish aquaculture systems. Fixed on ropes, plastic trays or in mesh bags, these shelled, aquatic invertebrates are raised in a controlled environment – protected from hungry predators.… Read More »

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