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Canadian Aquaculture Industry: A Brief Outline


Deep Trekker is closely involved with fish farms around the world providing a reliable and easy to use inspection solution for submerged aquaculture structures. We proudly offer farmers a tool that allows them to keep a closer eye on their operations and ensures that they are also able to enact early measures to keep their… Read More »


Monitor Hull Corrosion with Thickness Gauge

Marine Survey / Shipping

After our recent article about inspecting your hull paint to reduce bio-fouling and acting as an anti-corrosion method, we wanted to delve deeper into one of the biggest problems shipowners and operators face: corrosion. Corrosion is one of the biggest threats to shipping freights and other large vessels. To combat against this, methods like cathodic protection… Read More »


Water Treatment Plant: Benefits of Underwater Cameras

Company Product and Event News, Infrastructure

Before fresh water can be made safe for human consumption it must go through a treatment process eliminating bacteria and any other elements deemed unsafe to drink. How does such a process occur and why is it relevant to us? We’ve written about the use of Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles and pipe crawler systems… Read More »


Water Preservation: What YOU Can Do

For Everyone, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

If you’re presently reading this blog, you probably truly appreciate and understand something in which we all have a passionate interest. Water! We rely on water for hydration, irrigation, transportation, energy production, food production, weather patterns and so much more. Lakes, oceans, rivers and reservoirs across the Globe are part of the pillars that sustain… Read More »


Heroes of the Waters

Customer Stories, For Everyone

A sense of adventure and desire to explore the depths were the inspiring forces behind Deep Trekker. We believe that the more awareness people see underwater the more they care about the oceans and waterways and keeping them clean. Finding that perfect balance between making sure our underwater drones are accessible to everyone but maintaining… Read More »


Diver versus Deep Trekker: A Cost /Benefit Analysis

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

As underwater ROV technology continues to evolve and transform, industry professionals are faced with a simple question: diver or drone? While the question may be simple, often the answer is not and depends on a multitude of factors such as the scope of a task, operating environment/conditions and project complexity to name a few. Ultimately… Read More »


Search and Rescue Demo With Deep Trekker

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

Search and Rescue operations are a large part of police divers jobs. While it is never nice to hear about a drown victim, the work that police divers do is extremely important to provide closure to the families involved. Each time a brave diver enters the water there is a number of risks involved, especially when… Read More »


Diving with Deep Trekker Summer of 2016

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone

At the beginning of the summer, we acquired our new research vessel appropriately named “Deep Trekker”. Over the past four months, we have spent many hours aboard the boat exploring shipwrecks and the waters of Lake Huron and Lake Erie. During several trips to Georgian Bay is where most of our work was done as… Read More »

Trout Farm

Aqua-Cage Fisheries Uses DTG2 ROV on Rainbow Trout Farm

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News

Aqua-Cage Fisheries is an aquaculture farm in Parry Sound, Ontario that produces rainbow trout for the food market. They receive fingerlings from a hatchery in Southern Ontario, grow the fish in the open waters of Georgian Bay and harvest them for a processor that ships to major grocery stores. Aqua-Cage produces environmentally sustainable, high quality… Read More »

wind power

Welcoming Wind Farms for Alternative Power Generation

Oil and Energy

News of completion of the first offshore wind farm in American water was shared last week by the New York Times. Why is this important? As we learn more about fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, it becomes clear that as a global population we need to find alternative methods to power our everyday lives. Wind power… Read More »

Mike Fletcher

Deep Trekker Diver Profile: Mike Fletcher

Commercial / Salvage, Customer Stories, For Everyone

Exploring with the Deep Trekker systems, travelling the world, adventuring among wrecks, visiting customers and meeting industry professionals  are by far the biggest perks working at Deep Trekker. We experience so many unique situations and meet so many amazing personalities. Among the incredible people we encounter working at Deep Trekker, are a number of professional and… Read More »

ocean plastic pollution

New Insights into the Ocean’s Garbage Problem

For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

You don’t have to be an oceanographer to know of the massive garbage patches floating through our oceans’ waters. In recent months, there have been numerous reports about the incredible amount of manufactured waste piling up in the oceans. Emerging and mature garbage patches contain  massive amounts of plastic containers, netting, disposable medical paraphernalia and a host… Read More »

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