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mussel farming-aquaculture

Mussel Farming – Simplifying the Farming Cycle


Simplifying the mussel farming process with portable underwater monitoring cameras such as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or surveillance cameras. Mussel farming is a mix of traditional shellfish farming and innovative and exciting aquaculture.  As the process from seeding to market can span 18-24 months, it is important that farmers have access to tools which will… Read More »

aging infrastructure-underwater drone bridge inspection

Aging Infrastructure Inspections – Surveying the Dinosaur

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) known as underwater drones, widely used to inspect aging infrastructure – one engineering firm shares their experience. Aging infrastructure is a reality for the majority of cities around the world.  Many municipal waterways, dams, and bridges were built over 50 to 100 years ago, and these systems are showing their age. It… Read More »

rov-saves-money-vessel inspections

Vessel Inspections – How to Save Thousands of Dollars

Marine Survey / Shipping

Want to know how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on vessel inspections? See how one vessel paint company expanded its services to increase revenue. Click here for the Free Download > Save Money on Vessel Inspections Owning and operating vessels are a major investment. Ensuring they are running at their full potential is… Read More »

murky water search rescue-rov-underwaterd drone

Murky Water Search & Rescue Using an Underwater Drone

Military / First Responder

ROVs, or underwater drones coupled with navigational sonar systems prove to be ideal tools for murky water search & rescue/recovery operations.  Every Deep Trekker underwater drone, known in the industry as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), comes standard with a built-in HD camera. If you require a sharper image, these submersible robots can be upgraded… Read More »

water intake-underwater-drone-diver-maintenance

Water Intake Maintenance | Using an Underwater Drone

Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Examining how a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or an underwater drone, is used to maintain a water intake for Hydroelectric dams. In order for hydro-electric dams to generate power at the highest capacity, each aspect of the system requires periodic inspection and maintenance. A water intake is an integral part of power generation and is… Read More »


Independence Day – Celebrating the Fourth of July

For Everyone

In celebration of the United States Independence Day, Deep Trekker takes a look back to appreciate how their underwater drones positively impacted Americans The Fourth of July marks the celebration of the birth of our neighbor nation the United States of America. Marked by patriotic displays of American flags, bald eagles and fireworks that paint a… Read More »

underwater robots play hockey-deep-trekker-canada150

Underwater Robots Play Hockey – Canada 150

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone

Deep Trekker celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday in the most Canadian way possible – by dropping their underwater robots play hockey. With Canada turning the big one-five-o, the Deep Trekker team wanted to do something special to commemorate the big day and showcase what makes this Canadian company so innovative and unique. The team decided there… Read More »


Underwater Surveillance Camera – The New DTPod

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News

Deep Trekker is excited to announce the launch of our newest product line – the new underwater surveillance camera, the DTPod. For Monitoring submerged aquaculture infrastructure and stock. Today, we at Deep Trekker are pleased to announce our newest product line, the DTPod. This submersible surveillance camera is designed for both drop camera inspections and… Read More »

rov rescue diver deep trekker underwater drone

Rescue Diver | Canadian Volunteer Search and Rescue

Military / First Responder

A look how Remotely Operated Vehicles, ROV, or underwater drones, are used by Search and Rescue teams as added rescue diver – for rapid and safe missions. Today in Canada, Search and Rescue (SAR) is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial/territorial and municipal organizations, as well as air, ground and maritime volunteer organizations.  The vast… Read More »

rov exploring Sydney - Opera House

ROV Exploring the Shores of Sydney, Australia

Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker deployed a DTG2 ROV within the waters of Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia. Exploring the marine life using the HD underwater camera. Working for Deep Trekker will take you to very interesting places. Since the DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) can be used by commercial dive teams, Military & Navy personnel, shipping companies,… Read More »

tank cleaning robot awwa ace

Tank Cleaning Robot | See it First at ACE17

Company Product and Event News, Industry News, Infrastructure, Marine Survey / Shipping

Deep Trekker™ is set to showcase the new tank cleaning robot, the DT640 Utility Crawler, at AWWA ACE 2017 in Philadelphia – including the award-winning DT340 Pipe Crawler and underwater drones. As the Deep Trekker team gets ready to exhibit at the AWWA Annual Conference and Expo (ACE) in Philadelphia (be sure to come and visit… Read More »

dt640 utility crawler deep trekker

Introducing the New DT640 Utility Crawler

Company Product and Event News, Marine Survey / Shipping

Deep Trekker™ has added to its fleet of portable, robust underwater drone robots;  the DT640 Utility Crawler – designed to perform a multitude of underwater tasks. From the start, Deep Trekker™ has always collaborated with clients to build affordable products to perform underwater inspections over various industries. As a result of listening to feedback, Deep Trekker™ has… Read More »

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