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5 Innovations In Aquaculture Worth Adopting – Aqua Nor 2019

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News, Industry News

As this marks our 5th year at AquaNor – the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition – we’ve listed 5 innovations in aquaculture worth catching on to. For the first time in history, the consumption of farmed fish has exceeded that of wild-caught fish, and by 2030, aquaculture is expected to account for two-thirds of the fish that… Read More »

aquaculture_ ips dtg3 rov

Using the DTG3 ROV – Tips for Aquaculture

Aquaculture, For Everyone, Industry News, Uncategorised

Now that you have eyes underwater with the DTG3 ROV for your net inspections and monitoring of fish health, did you know you can do more than just that?  We’ve compiled some tips and tricks for using Deep Trekker ROV systems in aquaculture. Active stabilization for precise control Underwater conditions are in constant motion which… Read More »

underwater-rov-hull-inspections-deep-trekker-dtg2 Australia show

Robot Revolution: Underwater Technology in Offshore Oil and Gas

Industry News, Oil and Energy

The offshore industry is constantly looking to new technological innovations, and demand for robots in oil and gas is growing as the technology becomes more refined.  We explore various applications of robotics in the offshore oil and gas industry: The offshore oil and gas industry has changed significantly in recent years, and companies are innovating to meet challenges such… Read More »

deep trekker pipe crawler frequently asked questions

Pipe Crawlers are Going Where No Human Can | Providing a Trenchless Solution

Industry News, Infrastructure

Most of us never think about it, but almost every modern city and town has a network of sewer, storm drain and water pipe running right under our feet. Infiltration of tree roots, seismic activity, heavy road traffic and regular usage all cause damage that these pipe crawler systems must endure. That is why Deep… Read More »

Canada Day Deep Trekker DTG3

Canada Day Camping with the DTG3 ROV

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

To celebrate Canada Day 2019, the Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV set out to do what most Canadians do – soak up the summer sun and enjoy the great outdoors. From hiking through our lush forests to camping at one of Canada’s largest national parks, there is plenty to see and do. Join the DTG3 ROV… Read More »

deep trekker aquaculture rov

Aquaculture ROV | Save Time & Money with Deep Trekker

Aquaculture, For Everyone, Industry News

Take control of your net inspections and ensure effective cleaning and monitoring for wear and tear that could cause fish escapes using Deep Trekker’s Aquaculture ROV. Make pen and net inspections part of your routine, and monitor stock health and feeding. Learn how Deep Trekker ROVs are contributing to the aquaculture industry, around the world:… Read More »

BRIDGE Technology | What is That?!

Company Product and Event News, Industry News

You’ve probably heard the news – Deep Trekker has introduced a new technology platform called BRIDGE. But what is it? We get down to the nitty gritty and all the details you need to know about this new platform. BRIDGE is a result of intuitive engineering and listening to what our customers have to say. … Read More »

NASTT No Dig Show

What Makes Deep Trekker Pipe Crawlers Unique?

For Everyone, Infrastructure, Municipality

Deep Trekker’s crawlers are unique in the market and push the boundaries of innovation on what traditional pipe inspection tools have been designed to do.  Below are just a few things that make Deep Trekker crawlers competitive in the market: Lithium Ion Batteries A battery powered crawler allow you to be truly portable. There is… Read More »

water tank inspections

5 Ways ROVs are Changing Water Tank Inspections

Customer Stories, Industry News, Infrastructure, Municipality

Water tank inspections can be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive, but remotely operatated vehicles (ROVs) are changing this. During traditional water tank inspections, inspectors examine the tank for compliance with OSHA/American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards and guidelines. They examine coating condition; looking for cracking, peeling, delamination, blistering and rusting. This visual process often involves… Read More »

At a Glance | What’s New With the DTG3 ROV

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

After 10 years of listening to our customer’s feedback, we wanted to make the best ROV possible by giving customers a stable, power platform with hyper intelligence, a user-friendly interface, superior camera quality while still providing the Deep Trekker advantages that we have offered our customers up to this point.  With thousands of DTG2s in… Read More »


Deep Trekker Opens New Company Office in Puerto Montt, Chile

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Deep Trekker Inc. announces the opening of a new company office in Puerto Montt, Chile A strong year of growth, successful development and expansion into Latin America May 22, 2019 – Kitchener, ON – Deep Trekker Inc, a Canadian based global provider and manufacturer of portable and durable submersible ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles), today announced… Read More »

port security rov

3 Technologies Transforming the Maritime Industry

Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder

Technologies that could shake the maritime industry can come from all angles. But the biggest hitters this year will be those that increase safety and efficiency of operations. Ship owners are well aware of the changing face of ship emissions and smarter fleet management, but are they aware that developments in robotics, AI and autonomy… Read More »

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