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washington state ferries deep trekker rov underwater drone

Washington State Ferries Saves Time and Money using Underwater Drones

Customer Stories, Marine Survey / Shipping

Washington State Ferries saves time and money by using a Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle, or underwater drone, for inspecting ship hulls. Ferries are an essential part of transportation systems worldwide.  In many countries waterway transportation for pedestrians is just as integral to a community as a car, bus or train.  Puget Sound, located in… Read More »

hydroelectric power underwater drone inspection

How a Hydroelectric Engineering Firm is Generating More Business Using Underwater Drones

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

As underwater drones, known as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), become more affordable, the hydroelectric power industry capitalizes by doing own inspections. Hydroelectric dams are complicated structures.  There is a multitude of components and various combinations of these mechanisms that make up a hydroelectric power station, making each station its own unique structure.  The main goal… Read More »

salmon escape into pacific

Catastrophic Infrastructure Failure Releases Thousands of Fish – Could It Have Been Prevented?


After thousands of salmon escape into the Pacific caused by a catastrophic infrastructure failure, we take a look at how regular inspection and maintenance could have prevented an issue like this. Salmon Escape into the Pacific In August, near Cypress Island in Washington State – a massive pen collapsed at an aquaculture farm causing the… Read More »

Western Canada Marine Response ROV Underwater Drone

Oil Spill Response Robot | Customer Spotlight: Western Canada Marine Response

Customer Stories, Military / First Responder, Oil and Energy, Underwater Discovery and Research

Western Canada Marine Response adding the use of a Deep Trekker DTG2 underwater drone to their arsenal of oil spill response tools. Oil and chemical spills happen quickly and their effects are felt for many years.  The news often highlights how these spills happen and the devastating impacts, however, what is less often covered are the clean-up… Read More »

shipwreck hunting underwater drone deep trekker rov sonar

Shipwreck Hunting with Sonar Equipped Underwater Drone

For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

When shipwreck hunting in murky waters, using an underwater drone with sonar mounts make the searches a breeze. Video of Deep Trekker ROV diving the wrecks. Are you interested in shipwrecks? What is the one you just wish you could find? Despite the integration of Deep Trekker’s ROVs into a diverse field of industries –… Read More »

deep trekker brantford pipe crawler

Brantford Welcomes New Deep Trekker DT340 CCTV Pipe Crawler

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

The City of Brantford starting to take control of their own infrastructure inspections of storm and waste water pipes using their new CCTV Pipe Crawler. The City of Brantford has become part of the Deep Trekker family, accepting delivery of their new DT340 Pipe Crawler.  Brantford is a city of approximately 100,000 people with a… Read More »

dam- intake gate inspection

Intake Gate Inspection with an ROV

Oil and Energy

Remotely Operated Vehicles performing an intake gate inspection allows plant managers and 3rd party inspection companies to quickly respond to situations. As a power producer, it’s important to keep the dam functioning at top performance. As the second largest producer of energy for the world2, it is the hydro dam’s responsibility to provide consistent power… Read More »

niagara shipwreck underwater robots marine salvage

Marine Salvage – Best Practices for Operations

Commercial / Salvage

Reviewing the best practices of marine salvage operations and how Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), or underwater drones prove to aid in underwater missions. Recovery of sunken personal crafts to large cargo ships require the detailed attention of salvors to safely remove the vessel from our waterways. This job is costly, dangerous, and often takes place… Read More »

norway underwater drone aquaculture site top side

Norway Underwater Drone – Formed from Aquaculture


From the first sale into Norwegian aquaculture, Deep Trekker is the go-to Norway underwater drone and continues to build and refine tools for the industry. The Norwegian seas were where our underwater ROV first hit the water to inspect caged aquaculture farms. This very first unit, we still hold so dearly for bringing us into… Read More »


Fish Escapes – Preventing Unnecessary Aquaculture Loss


Norway aquaculture making use of an underwater drone (ROV) and other submerged technology to monitor stock and enclosures for integrity fish escapes. Fish farming is a big business.  In 2015, the industry churned out 106 million metric tons of aquatic animals worth about $163 billion, according to a report in July from the Food and… Read More »

aerial drone business infrastructure inspection

Aerial Drone Business – Full Service Inspections


How to expand your aerial drone business. Offer a full inspection service of submerged structures and infrastructure with an underwater drone. Drones are the way of the future, and it’s an industry proving lucrative for both those developing the technology as well as for those using it.  An unmanned aerial drone was initially introduced to… Read More »

rescue_swimmer_search_recover_rescue coast guard rov

Coast Guard ROV Missions – Protecting Our Coastlines

Military / First Responder

Taking a dive with a Coast Guard ROV – an in-depth look at how the Deep Trekker underwater drone is being used by the maritime first responders. The Coast Guard is a multi-mission service, responsible for enforcing admiralty or maritime law in order to protect countries and coastlines. As a unit of the military, the Coast… Read More »

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