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Anti-Fouling Paint and Inspecting Ship Hulls

Marine Survey / Shipping

Inspecting ship hulls to survey the integrity of Anti-Fouling paint can be easily conducted using an underwater drone; Deep Trekker pilots do it every day.  Anti-fouling paint is used to coat the underside of ship hulls to temporarily hinder the growth of subaquatic organisms; otherwise known as biofouling. This collection of organisms would otherwise build… Read More »


Trenchless Technology – New Pipe Crawler Robots Offering a No-Dig Solution

Industry News, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker is set to launch its enhanced trenchless technology product line, the 340 Pipe Crawler system at the NASTT’s No-Dig Show in April. Trenchless technology helps municipalities inspect, maintain, and repair their buried infrastructure. Allowing operators the ability to see what’s happening within stormwater and wastewater systems without unearthing them. This is an important fact;… Read More »


Capabilities of Emergency Response Robots: NIST Standard Testing

Military / First Responder

Deep Trekker was invited to Virginia Beach for the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard test methods of emergency response robots. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is advancing the capabilities of emergency response robots by creating a set of performance benchmarks. Trials are created specifically for remotely operated ground, aerial,… Read More »


Underwater Drone Inspects USA County Reservoir – Providing No Interruption in Service

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

USA reservoir in Clark County, Vancouver, Washington, uses an underwater drone, known as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), to inspect water service supply to local communities. USA Reservoir Inspection | Clark Public Utilities (CPU) is committed to providing customers with the most reliable, affordable service possible. But a lot has to go on behind the… Read More »


Skeletons Found in the Depths: Underwater Drone Discoveries

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Skeletons found underwater using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – Deep Trekker client shares his discoveries using the underwater drone. If you spend enough time exploring underwater, you will eventually stumble upon something exciting. Jan Petersen is a great example. A pilot of a Deep Trekker DTG2, Petersen spends much of his free time diving his… Read More »

aquaculture docks

American Aquaculture in Review | What Tools Aid in Regulating the Industry


Aquaculture America 2017 brought Deep Trekker’s team to the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. Here we were able to showcase how our underwater drones can improve aquaculture inspections by providing an immediate response tool for monitoring nets, mooring lines and fish health. American Aquaculture Aquaculture America was an ideal venue for Deep Trekker to… Read More »


Low Visibility Diving – A look at Sonar Integration

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Underwater Discovery and Research

Updated sonar technologies are making low visibility diving possible – making them the ideal tool to be equipped on underwater drones for Search & Rescue missions and salvage operations. Unless you are swimming off the coast of Cancun, your nearest water source may not always be incredibly clear. Visibility below the surface often limits the… Read More »


The Ideal Fishing Drone – Changing the Fishing Game

For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

Fishing drones are giving angler eyes on the fish below before sending down lures or preparing to gear up to dive in with spears. Fishing Drone – Fishing is a game of patience whether you are floating by on a boat or perched on shore. Often, it seems more time is spent staring off in the distance… Read More »

New Technologies for Effective Pipe Inspections


A look at new technologies advancing the monitoring process of aging infrastructure. Effectively reducing the cost of ongoing inspections and maintenance. Without a doubt, aging utility infrastructures in cities around the world require more maintenance and repairs than ever. The average person takes the systems put into place long ago to collect excess water, deliver drinking… Read More »


Recovering Submerged Vehicles Using An ROV

Commercial / Salvage

When it comes to recovering submerged vehicles, nothing makes it easier than using a Deep Trekker underwater drone; see how one client is using his ROV. No one ever really knows what might be lurking beneath the surface or on the bottom of a body of water. Submerged vehicles, vivid marine life or forgotten structures… Read More »


Offshore Wind Farm Approved for Long Island

Oil and Energy

Offshore wind proposal is approved to be built off the east coast of the United States; bringing them one step closer to obtaining new, clean, renewable energy. We have occasionally written about offshore wind farms in the past. Recently, a proposal to construct a 90-megawatt (MW) wind energy plant off the coast of Long Island has… Read More »


Dirty Tankers Reinforce Need for Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Marine Survey / Shipping

Dirty Tankers anchored off the coast of Venezuela due to the coating of oil and sludge outside of the hull – How underwater drones are used to maintain and inspect ships to prevent this issue. Prevention and containment legislation is championed by international organizations and is enforced around the globe at local and national levels… Read More »

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