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Expanding your Commercial Diving Business with ROVs

Commercial / Salvage, For Everyone, Industry News

The more we know about commercial diving and the underwater environment divers enter, the easier it is to prepare for and mitigate the risk. Deep Trekker ROVs are an essential tool in ensuring a higher level of diver safety. Commercial Divers are sought out for a variety of underwater work, from straight forward inspections to complicated… Read More »

underwater rov ghost gear

Get to Know Deep Trekker ROVs | Frequently Asked Questions

Aquaculture, Commercial / Salvage, For Everyone, Infrastructure, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Municipality, Oil and Energy, Tutorials and Tips, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker Inc. is your complete headquarters for high-quality, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicles (ROV), also known as underwater drones, designed and developed to make underwater observation easy and affordable.  Frequently Asked Questions: ROV What is the ROV depth rated to? The DTG2 ROV line, has two depth rating options. The DTG2 Starter and Pro are… Read More »

Deep Trekker at EOD

The Use of Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles in EOD

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Military / First Responder

This week, Deep Trekker had the opportunity to exhibit alongside ADS Inc. at the Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition in Bethesda, Maryland. ROVs to Support Military, First Responders and Security Teams Global EOD Symposium & Exhibition is a platform that addresses training and technology developed to support EOD personal and their teams… Read More »


Offshore Wind Energy in the Great Lakes: Icebreaker Windpower Project

For Everyone, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Icebreaker Windpower Project is the first offshore wind energy facility in the Great Lakes. ROV inspections are used for frequent maintenance to ensure the integrity of the operations. Wind Farms Providing Power Across the Grid As we learn more about fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, it is apparent that as a global population we need… Read More »

UNAM Project Deep Trekker Mexico

UNAM Archaeological Study: Understanding the Mexican-American War

For Everyone, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker has teamed up with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to investigate the maritime aspects of the Mexican-American War which took place between 1846-1848. Understanding the Mexican-American War The UNAM project is strengthening the development of scientific maritime archaeology in Mexico and Latin America. The study will build a cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary… Read More »

DtPod-Net-Inspection-ballan wrasse aquaculture

New Breakthrough: Ballan Wrasse for Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture, Industry News

Two of Scotland’s leading fish farming companies have helped to close the cycle of ballan wrasse – successfully breeding from farm-raised broodstock. The Future of Sustainable Aquaculture is Now Scotland’s leading fish farm companies have been working to breed wild-caught ballan wrasse and raise the offspring from egg to adults of reproductive age. Now, in… Read More »

pipe crawler wincan pipe material

Begin With the Future in Mind: Pros and Cons of Various Pipe Materials

For Everyone, Infrastructure

When conducting sewer pipe installation contractors must consider many factors when deciding which type of pipe material to use.  Which Type of Pipe Material Should You Use for Your Next Project? The most common type of sewage and water pipe materials are concrete, steel, clay and plastic (HDPE and PVC). Below, we’ve outlined some benefits… Read More »

commercial diving rov

Deep Trekker to Exhibit in Australia at Darling Harbour | Boating and Diving Industry

Commercial / Salvage, Company Product and Event News, Customer Stories, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker to showcase its fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) at Sydney International Boat Show (SIBS) and the Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) at Darling Harbour, August 2nd-6th SIBS and AIDE Join Forces as a Central Hub for Water Technology The Australian International Dive Expo has today, become a one stop platform for divers… Read More »


Marwan Tabbara, MP Visit | Canadian Tech Companies on the Rise

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Marwan Tabbara, Member of Parliament and team visits Deep Trekker headquarters in Canada’s rising technology hub,Waterloo/Kitchener region Welcome to Deep Trekker, MP Marwan Tabbara On Monday July 23, 2018, the Deep Trekker team was honoured by a visit from Marwan Tabbara, Member of Parliament, Kitchener South Hespeler.  With tough trade negotiations and newly instated tariffs… Read More »


Sink Your Teeth into Shark Week with Deep Trekker

For Everyone, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

The annual week of shark obsession has arrived and this year during Shark Week, Deep Trekker will be featured on ‘Laws of Jaws’ – airing July 24th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT LAWS OF JAWS Airing July 24th, 9PM ET / 6PM PT Ah, Shark Week. One of the best weeks of the summer.… Read More »

underwater pipeline inspection

ROV Pipeline Inspections & Repairs in Subsea Environments

For Everyone, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles are being used to inspect and repair structural damage to offshore pipeline and subsea infrastructure.  Preventing Leaks by Performing Submerged Offshore Pipeline Inspections Pipelines made prior to the early 1970s are often considered as aged or old pipelines. Their metallurgical constituents and external corrosion coating effectiveness are of lower standard compared to… Read More »


WinCan [Series 2] Coding Software for Pipe Inspections

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Infrastructure

WinCan provides coding software for pipe inspections – drinking water, wastewater and stormwater – using Deep Trekker pipe crawlers, the DT340 and DT320 Mini Crawler.  Coding Software for Pipe Inspections  What does it mean to “code” a pipe?  If you have heard of this term or have heard something similar related to pipe inspections, this… Read More »

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