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underwater drone 4k camera

Professional Vs. Hobbyist | What Underwater Drone is Right for You?

For Everyone, Industry News

The market for aerial drones may be reaching a plateau, but drone technology is continuing to expand into the deep sea. National Ocean Service scientists estimate that more than 95% of the world’s oceans are still unexplored; the underwater drone revolution is putting research and development to the test with its latest innovations. What Underwater Drone… Read More »

blue economy united nations sustainable development goals

Blue Economy – What is it and what you need to know

Aquaculture, Underwater Discovery and Research

What is Blue Economy and how it is important to the future development of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. What is Blue Economy The “Blue Economy” is an emerging concept which encourages better stewardship of our ocean or “blue resources”.  At its simplest, “blue economy” refers to the range of economic uses of ocean… Read More »


Six Years at FLIBS | Providing Yachtees with the Best in Underwater Drones 

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker attends the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) for the 6th year in a row. The company is bringing something new to the table this year – Demo Days and Underwater Drone Competitions. Join the team at Booth 697 for all the excitement!  Providing Yachtees with the Best in Underwater Drones Deep Trekker wraps… Read More »


Submersible Tether Reel | Working with ROVs and Pipe Crawlers

Company Product and Event News, Industry News, Infrastructure, Military / First Responder, Municipality, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker releases submersible tether reel designed to work with ROVs and pipe crawlers Providing the potable water, sewage and wastewater industries with cost effective and efficient inspection tools October 26, 2018 –  Kitchener, ON – Deep Trekker Inc. is a leading industry expert in infrastructure technology. The company’s pipe crawlers and ROVs have been used for various… Read More »


Ghost Gear: Lessons Learned From A Visit to Providence, Rhode Island

Company Product and Event News, Industry News, Marine Survey / Shipping, Underwater Discovery and Research

There is an eerie epidemic plaguing the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.  Communities largely supported by commercial fishing, have begun to see a significant decrease in stock fishing population, and a continued decline in endangered marine life, despite heavy regulations on the industry.  The culprit; Ghost Gear and subsequent Ghost Fishing. Ghost Gear &… Read More »

military rov

What Makes our ROVS Unique? The Deep Trekker Difference

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

The Deep Trekker Difference Deep Trekker ROVs are like no other you’ve seen before. We offer easy to use, portable and affordable underwater technology, with sales in over 80 countries. The DTG2 and DTX2 are designed by listening to our customers and reinventing, to meet their needs. We are a group of innovators, creators, skilled… Read More »

first deep trekker chile rov olympics 2018

Chile ROV Olympics 2018 – Deep Trekker’s First Competition

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Deep Trekker hosts its first ever Chile ROV Olympics in the city of Puerto Montt. ROV pilots from all over Chile put their skills to the test for their chance to win their own Deep Trekker DTG2 Smart ROV. Deep Trekker hosts its first ever ROV Olympics in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile ROV… Read More »

aquaculture net inspection

Deep Trekker Exhibits at AquaSur | Supporting Aquaculture with AquaROV

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Deep Trekker will be exhibiting with AquaROV at AquaSur for the third time, in Chile on October 17-20. Join us at Booth A207. AquaSur to Commence in Puerto Montt, Chile Over the past 20 years, Chile’s aquaculture industry has transformed into a global producer. Supplying a third of farmed salmon worldwide – generating $3.8 billion dollars… Read More »

dt640 utility crawler deep trekker

Tech Spotlight: The DT640 Utility Crawler

For Everyone, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder

A look at the Deep Trekker DT640 Utility Crawler – designed to perform a multitude of underwater tasks, including ship hull inspections and water tank maintenance.  DT640 Utility Crawler | Underwater Inspection Vehicle The DT640 Utility Crawler is the most versatile inspection vehicle of its kind.  Its sleek, three-wheel body comes with a magnetic option,… Read More »

sonar shipwreck

ROV Enhanced Capabilities with Sonar Technology

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Enhance your underwater inspections using ROVs and sonar technology. Deep Trekker offers affordable and easy to use multidisciplinary ROVs with integrated sound navigation and ranging capabilities. Underwater Robotics with Sonar Integration Sound Navigation and Ranging (Sonar) technology uses sound waves for purposes such as navigation, communication and locating objects, typically in an underwater setting. The key… Read More »


Halifax Researchers Tag Great White Shark in Atlantic Canada

For Everyone, Underwater Discovery and Research

 For the first time in Atlantic Canadian waters, scientists have successfully tagged a great white shark. Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles are contributing to ocean conservation and research. The Importance of Shark Tagging: Halifax Great White Federal fisheries officials say Heather Bowlby of the shark unit at Halifax’s Bedford Institute of Oceanography tagged the shark off… Read More »

nova zembla discovery deep trekker

Nova Zembla Whaling Ship Found off the Coast of Baffin Island

For Everyone, Industry News, Underwater Discovery and Research

Calgary researchers are making waves for being the first to discover the Nova Zembla. Deep Trekker underwater drone supports discovery of first known whaling wreck in Canada’s Arctic.   116 Year Old Whaling Ship Discovered in Canadian Waters Key evidence of the first British Arctic whaling wreck in the world – that sank in a fjord… Read More »

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