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Deep Trekker to Showcase Technology in Support of Sustainable Aquaculture UK

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News

Aquaculture UK in Aviemore, Scotland May 23rd-24th will serve as the premiere showcase for Deep Trekker’s technology in the UK sector Technology in Support of Aquaculture UK May 22, 2018 –  Kitchener, ON – Aquaculture is an increasingly important industry for Scotland and the whole of the UK, but is not without negative criticism. The… Read More »

Introducing the DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler

Company Product and Event News, Customer Stories, For Everyone, Industry News, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker releases world’s first inspection system – DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler – designed for pipes as small as 152mm (6 inch) in diameter. The launch will take place at IFAT 2018 in Munich, Germany, providing simple solutions to European Infrastructure. Pipe Inspections Like You’ve Never Seen Before As infrastructure ages, simple inspection methods need to… Read More »

water tank cleaning rov

Monterrey Tank and Reservoir Repairs with Deep Trekker ROV

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Infrastructure

Safe, clean drinking water is something that we take for granted on a daily basis. There are many functions that need to be regularly maintained to avoid contamination. Monterrey Water and Drainage Services understands the importance of proper maintenance of water networks and continues to look to improve its capabilities in leak detection and reviewing… Read More »

wincan pipe crawler material deep trekker

Pipe Crawlers in Action: Contractors and Municipalities

Company Product and Event News, Customer Stories, Industry News, Infrastructure, Uncategorised

Deep Trekker Inc. is a leading industry expert in infrastructure technology. The company’s pipe crawlers have been used for various inspections and submersible maintenance projects around the globe and it continues to reach new heights with its latest innovations. The team is excited to be launching a NEW trenchless robotic system at IFAT 2018 in… Read More »

underwater drone 4k camera

Providing Clean Water Technology at Ontario’s Water Conference

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News, Infrastructure

Ontario Water Works Association invites Deep Trekker to attend Ontario’s Water Conference in Niagara Falls. Providing clean water technology to meet GHG emissions targets across the globe.  Clean Water Technology Solutions Ontario’s Water Conference is the premiere drinking water event in Ontario, bringing together operators, manufacturers, academics and regulators to represent the water industry. This… Read More »

trenchelss technology pipe crawler

Trenchless Technology: A Solution to Pipe Inspections

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News, Infrastructure

Trenchless technology is a viable solution to help decrease the risk of underground installation damage, and provide less disruption to cities and more convenience to the public.  A No-Dig Solution The integrity and performance of water and wastewater buried pipelines are growing issues worldwide, especially seen in many European countries, such as Germany. Some municipal… Read More »


Solving Aging Infrastructure: Europe and Worldwide

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Infrastructure

Fresh water and the safe disposal of wastewater are two fundamental needs of humans.  Mega-cities, environmental change and water stress leave populations around the globe without adequate water supply.  Deteriorating and aging infrastructure and pipeline systems cause additional pressures in terms of sanitation and seepage. Challenges to Aging Infrastructure Urbanization As cities continue to grow… Read More »

water for people droplet

A Future for Water Security with ‘Water For People’ Nonprofit

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Industry News, Opinion Pieces

Deep Trekker’s line of submersible robotics are being used to help maintain and monitor clean drinking water across the globe. The team will attend Water for People Nonprofit event – a leader in providing safe drinking water for generations to come. Championing ‘Water For People’ Nonprofit Water and sanitation are critical to the survival of… Read More »

WEAO water inspection

The Future of the Environment at WEAO

Commercial / Salvage, Company Product and Event News, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker to attend Water Environment Association of Canada (WEAO) in London, Ontario. The company’s ROVs provide regular inspections to water tanks to ensure clean drinking water and viable solutions to global water challenges – in support of Water for People Nonprofit.  Creating Innovative Solutions to Tackle Water Issues The global water cycle is facing many challenges… Read More »


What Are Underwater ROVs & What Are They Used For?

Aquaculture, Commercial / Salvage, For Everyone, Infrastructure, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Oil and Energy, Uncategorised, Underwater Discovery and Research

Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) are submersible, robotic systems, used to observe the depths of large bodies of water by operators from shore or by divers in the water.  Everything You Need to Know About Underwater ROVs Ranging in size, ROVs can be as small as a basketball to as big as a large SUV… Read More »

diving underwater drone

Scuba Diving Bucket List: Deep Trekker ROVs Exploring Shipwrecks and Coral Reefs

Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Many recreational scuba diving and discovery expeditions now make use of specially designed underwater exploration ROVs equipped with HD cameras to help mitigate risk to divers. Our versatile Deep Trekker ROVs – the DTG2 and DTX2 – allow you to capture the most breathtaking coral reefs imaginable with its imaging and video recording capabilities.  Scuba… Read More »

search and rescue rovs maritime security

Search and Rescue ROVs: Underwater Robots to the Rescue

For Everyone, Military / First Responder

A look at how search and rescue ROVs aid in underwater SAR missions. Identifying the various equipment used to navigate and to identify targets in turbid or murky water. The Power of Search and Rescue ROVs Underwater search and rescue, recovery and investigations are time sensitive operations often performed in extremely challenging conditions. In emergency situations,… Read More »

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