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salmon escape into pacific

Catastrophic Infrastructure Failure Releases Thousands of Fish – Could It Have Been Prevented?


After thousands of salmon escape into the Pacific caused by a catastrophic infrastructure failure, we take a look at how regular inspection and maintenance could have prevented an issue like this. Salmon Escape into the Pacific In August, near Cypress Island in Washington State – a massive pen collapsed at an aquaculture farm causing the… Read More »

norway underwater drone aquaculture site top side

Norway Underwater Drone – Formed from Aquaculture


From the first sale into Norwegian aquaculture, Deep Trekker is the go-to Norway underwater drone and continues to build and refine tools for the industry. The Norwegian seas were where our underwater ROV first hit the water to inspect caged aquaculture farms. This very first unit, we still hold so dearly for bringing us into… Read More »


Fish Escapes – Preventing Unnecessary Aquaculture Loss


Norway aquaculture making use of an underwater drone (ROV) and other submerged technology to monitor stock and enclosures for integrity fish escapes. Fish farming is a big business.  In 2015, the industry churned out 106 million metric tons of aquatic animals worth about $163 billion, according to a report in July from the Food and… Read More »

mussel farming-aquaculture

Mussel Farming – Simplifying the Farming Cycle


Simplifying the mussel farming process with portable underwater monitoring cameras such as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or surveillance cameras. Mussel farming is a mix of traditional shellfish farming and innovative and exciting aquaculture.  As the process from seeding to market can span 18-24 months, it is important that farmers have access to tools which will… Read More »


Underwater Surveillance Camera – The New DTPod

Aquaculture, Company Product and Event News

Deep Trekker is excited to announce the launch of our newest product line – the new underwater surveillance camera, the DTPod. For Monitoring submerged aquaculture infrastructure and stock. Today, we at Deep Trekker are pleased to announce our newest product line, the DTPod. This submersible surveillance camera is designed for both drop camera inspections and… Read More »

small african fish farms

Fish Farms – Reviewing the Rise of African Aquaculture


Examining emerging fish farms in Africa where aquaculture systems promote sustainable food sources for the future. A recent study by the World Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that the majority of the global workforce engaged in fisheries and aquaculture operations is concentrated in Asia. Not surprisingly, China’s rich history in farming fish allows them to… Read More »


Policing Regulations of the Aquaculture Industry and Cracking Down on Unlawful Fisheries


Deep Trekker™ Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are becoming common practice in the Aquaculture industry to maintain the sites – enforcement officers use the same Deep Trekker underwater drones to regulate them. The aquaculture industry is something that Deep Trekker™ is quite familiar with. From humble beginnings, the ultimate aquaculture ROV has grown to meet the ever-developing needs… Read More »


Climate Change Research: Underwater Drones Used to Monitor Marine Health

Aquaculture, Customer Stories, Underwater Discovery and Research

Climate change research drone using innovative remote technologies for monitoring changes in our oceans ecosystems around Aquaculture sites.  The ocean is an mysterious world which is continuously evolving and altering with currents, climate change, marine life, and other outside forces. Yet, with its monumental vastness, our knowledge of these occurrences and their effects is still limited.… Read More »

aquaculture docks

American Aquaculture in Review | What Tools Aid in Regulating the Industry


Aquaculture America 2017 brought Deep Trekker’s team to the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. Here we were able to showcase how our underwater drones can improve aquaculture inspections by providing an immediate response tool for monitoring nets, mooring lines and fish health. American Aquaculture Aquaculture America was an ideal venue for Deep Trekker to… Read More »


Ghost Fishing – A Serious Ecological and Economic Issue


Ghost Fishing: The ecological and economic effect from abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear. How underwater drones aid in restoring marine life. Consider the sheer number of nets, long lines, fish traps, floats and other man-made devices used around the world by commercial fisheries.  If this fishing gear is abandoned, lost or discarded, organizations which… Read More »


Fish Farms – Inspections Below the Surface


Fish farms are tackling the increased demand for aquatic food, while underwater drones are tackling regular and ongoing inspections to ensure fish health and the integrity of the enclosures. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by the year 2050, there will be nearly 2 billion more humans populating the earth.… Read More »


The Scoop on Shellfish Aquaculture


The centerpiece of many culinary gurus’ ‘stunning’ dishes, a shellfish’s journey often begins on a farm. Found on the coastal shores or in freshwater lakes, you’ll discover suspended shellfish aquaculture systems. Fixed on ropes, plastic trays or in mesh bags, these shelled, aquatic invertebrates are raised in a controlled environment – protected from hungry predators.… Read More »

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