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ROV Inspections of Water Towers: Underwater Drone Used to Save Diver’s Time

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Mountain West Commercial Diving currently uses their Deep Trekker underwater drone to conduct ROV inspections or potable water towers. Aim to exceed the client’s expectation while adhering the highest standards in industry compliance and safety; that is the goal of Mountain West Commercial Diving (MWCD). Based out of Hazelton, Idaho, MWCD has over 25 years… Read More »


Low Visibility Diving – A look at Sonar Integration

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Underwater Discovery and Research

Updated sonar technologies are making low visibility diving possible – making them the ideal tool to be equipped on underwater drones for Search & Rescue missions and salvage operations. Unless you are swimming off the coast of Cancun, your nearest water source may not always be incredibly clear. Visibility below the surface often limits the… Read More »


Recovering Submerged Vehicles Using An ROV

Commercial / Salvage

When it comes to recovering submerged vehicles, nothing makes it easier than using a Deep Trekker underwater drone; see how one client is using his ROV. No one ever really knows what might be lurking beneath the surface or on the bottom of a body of water. Submerged vehicles, vivid marine life or forgotten structures… Read More »


Importance of Inspecting Reservoirs

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Inspecting Reservoirs – what is the importance of them, why they are inspected, and how ROVs help pave the way for low-cost, regular maintenance. What is a Reservoir? Deriving from the French word réservoir meaning “storehouse,” a reservoir is exactly that – a storage place for water. More often than not, these bodies of water… Read More »

Diver versus Deep Trekker: A Cost /Benefit Analysis

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

As underwater ROV technology continues to evolve and transform, industry professionals are faced with a simple question: diver or drone? While the question may be simple, often the answer is not and depends on a multitude of factors such as the scope of a task, operating environment/conditions and project complexity to name a few. Ultimately… Read More »

Search and Rescue Demo With Deep Trekker

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

Search and Rescue operations are a large part of police divers jobs. While it is never nice to hear about a drown victim, the work that police divers do is extremely important to provide closure to the families involved. Each time a brave diver enters the water there is a number of risks involved, especially when… Read More »

Deep Trekker Diver Profile: Mike Fletcher

Commercial / Salvage, Customer Stories, For Everyone

Exploring with the Deep Trekker systems, travelling the world, adventuring among wrecks, visiting customers and meeting industry professionals  are by far the biggest perks working at Deep Trekker. We experience so many unique situations and meet so many amazing personalities. Among the incredible people we encounter working at Deep Trekker, are a number of professional and… Read More »

Underwater Drones and Monitoring your Hull’s Paint Job

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping

Last April we posted a blog that explored the prime reasons ship owners and operators should inspect their hulls on a regular basis. From paint jobs to contraband inspections, monitoring the status of a vessel’s hull is important to ensure the integrity of the structure and to reduce damage and the costs of wear and… Read More »

How Do You Clear Your Trash Racks?

Commercial / Salvage, Oil and Energy

What are Trash Racks? A trash rack is a wooden or metal structure that prevents debris from entering the intake of a water mill, hydroelectric dam or storm water system. In many cases, hydro dams pull in water from a lake, river or reservoir through their intake to be used for power generation. As the… Read More »


Top Military Use Cases for Underwater Drones

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

Military and police forces that protect our world count on having robust tools to ensure their assignments can be completed as safely and quickly as possible. Some of their tools include land robots, aerial drones and high-tech night-vision devices. Deep Trekker is now an option when a specific job requires underwater surveillance or inspection. Last… Read More »

Deep Trekker’s Military ROV Systems Showcase at CANSEC 2016

Commercial / Salvage, Company Product and Event News, Military / First Responder

April 22, 2016 Ayr, Ontario. Deep Trekker Inc. will be showcasing their military ROV package at CANSEC 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario on May 25 & 26, 2016. The event brings together industry experts from North America to address security and military challenges that are present in today’s world. Deep Trekker’s prime objective is to provide… Read More »

Under Ice Footage that Resembles Another Planet

Commercial / Salvage, Industry News, Military / First Responder

In February we had the privilege of joining in on a sub-ice dive training session hosted by the Ottawa Police. A number of police search and rescue units gathered together to practice under ice rescue techniques in Quebec, Ontario. Here is a clip filmed with the DTG2 ROV of a police diver trekking along the… Read More »

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