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ROV Thickness Gauge: The Attachable Tool for Hull Inspections

Infrastructure, Marine Survey / Shipping

Profiling the Cygnus Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) thickness gauge. Quickly identifying hull thickness and accurately locating corrosion – without removing protective coatings. With the addition of the Cygnus ROV thickness gauge to the Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle, hull inspectors are able to provide a clear report of what is happening below the ship’s surface. With many… Read More »


Oceanographic ROV Inspiring Students to Become Future Marine Scientists

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Marine Survey / Shipping, Underwater Discovery and Research

Inspiring future marine biologists with hands-on experience piloting an oceanographic ROV at the Ocean Institute. It’s important to inspire the young generation to become marine scientists; perhaps using an oceanographic ROV will do just that. The future of the environment is in their hands. The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA knows this and is… Read More »


Marine Safety – Monitoring Shipping Vessel Impact on Coastal Shores

Marine Survey / Shipping

The Canadian Ocean Protection Plan aims to increase marine safety by providing the means to closely monitor shipping vessels navigating through its waters. With Canada aiming to increase marine safety within its coastal shores, Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) prove to be well suited for the task. Through the Ocean Protection Plan, the Canadian… Read More »


Anti-Fouling Paint and Inspecting Ship Hulls

Marine Survey / Shipping

Inspecting ship hulls to survey the integrity of Anti-Fouling paint can be easily conducted using an underwater drone; Deep Trekker pilots do it every day.  Anti-fouling paint is used to coat the underside of ship hulls to temporarily hinder the growth of subaquatic organisms; otherwise known as biofouling. This collection of organisms would otherwise build… Read More »


Low Visibility Diving – A look at Sonar Integration

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Underwater Discovery and Research

Updated sonar technologies are making low visibility diving possible – making them the ideal tool to be equipped on underwater drones for Search & Rescue missions and salvage operations. Unless you are swimming off the coast of Cancun, your nearest water source may not always be incredibly clear. Visibility below the surface often limits the… Read More »


Dirty Tankers Reinforce Need for Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Marine Survey / Shipping

Dirty Tankers anchored off the coast of Venezuela due to the coating of oil and sludge outside of the hull – How underwater drones are used to maintain and inspect ships to prevent this issue. Prevention and containment legislation is championed by international organizations and is enforced around the globe at local and national levels… Read More »

Underwater Drone with Lights

Top 5 Ways Marine Researchers are Currently Using Underwater Drones

For Everyone, Marine Survey / Shipping, Underwater Discovery and Research

Marine researchers around the world are utilizing Deep Trekker Underwater Drones (or ROVs) in their marine projects; here are the top 5 applications being used today. In a few weeks, the world will gather in San Diego, California for the Oceanology International North America exhibition. It will bring together water industry professionals, manufacturers, educators, government… Read More »


Port Authority Vessel Inspections? – Try Going “Remote First”

Marine Survey / Shipping

The risks involved with Port Authority Vessel Inspections and how going “Remote First” can not only save time and money but also reducing the risk endangering a life. New vessels arriving in your port bring many economic benefits. However, from the surface, it is impossible to know what could be hiding below the water lines… Read More »

LNG Tanker Maritime Security

Deep Trekker’s Ultimate Hull Inspection Package

Company Product and Event News, Marine Survey / Shipping

In previous posts, we’ve explored why hull inspections are important and have examined the challenges and costs that vessel owners encounter maintaining a ship. We’ve looked at issues such as the transfer of contraband attached to hulls and the inadvertent delivery of invasive species into new waters. Frequent inspections of your hull are vital to… Read More »

Monitor Hull Corrosion with Thickness Gauge

Marine Survey / Shipping

After our recent article about inspecting your hull paint to reduce bio-fouling and acting as an anti-corrosion method, we wanted to delve deeper into one of the biggest problems shipowners and operators face: corrosion. Corrosion is one of the biggest threats to shipping freights and other large vessels. To combat against this, methods like cathodic protection… Read More »

Underwater Drones and Monitoring your Hull’s Paint Job

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping

Last April we posted a blog that explored the prime reasons ship owners and operators should inspect their hulls on a regular basis. From paint jobs to contraband inspections, monitoring the status of a vessel’s hull is important to ensure the integrity of the structure and to reduce damage and the costs of wear and… Read More »

4 Ways Deep Trekker ROVs Can Be The Best Option For Hull Inspections

Marine Survey / Shipping, Oil and Energy

If you work in the shipping industry or own a vessel (whether it be a tug boat or a massive freight ship), completing regular hull inspections can be one way to avoid damage and decay on your boat. Completing a hull inspection on your vessel can give insight as to whether or not the structure… Read More »

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