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law enforcement rov deep trekker underwater drone

Law Enforcement ROV – Underwater Drones for Search and Rescue

Military / First Responder

Underwater drones are widely used in tandem with rescue divers. Deep Trekker offers a dedicated, highly capable law enforcement ROV for search and rescue. Deep Trekker plays a significant role in making sure police have the appropriate means for underwater surveillance and inspection. An underwater law enforcement ROV is one of the latest and most… Read More »

Western Canada Marine Response ROV Underwater Drone

Oil Spill Response Robot | Customer Spotlight: Western Canada Marine Response

Customer Stories, Military / First Responder, Oil and Energy, Underwater Discovery and Research

Western Canada Marine Response adding the use of a Deep Trekker DTG2 underwater drone to their arsenal of oil spill response tools. Oil and chemical spills happen quickly and their effects are felt for many years.  The news often highlights how these spills happen and the devastating impacts, however, what is less often covered are the clean-up… Read More »

rescue_swimmer_search_recover_rescue coast guard rov

Coast Guard ROV Missions – Protecting Our Coastlines

Military / First Responder

Taking a dive with a Coast Guard ROV – an in-depth look at how the Deep Trekker underwater drone is being used by the maritime first responders. The Coast Guard is a multi-mission service, responsible for enforcing admiralty or maritime law in order to protect countries and coastlines. As a unit of the military, the Coast… Read More »

murky water search rescue-rov-underwaterd drone

Murky Water Search & Rescue Using an Underwater Drone

Military / First Responder

ROVs, or underwater drones coupled with navigational sonar systems prove to be ideal tools for murky water search & rescue/recovery operations.  Every Deep Trekker underwater drone, known in the industry as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), comes standard with a built-in HD camera. If you require a sharper image, these submersible robots can be upgraded… Read More »

rov rescue diver deep trekker underwater drone

Rescue Diver | Canadian Volunteer Search and Rescue

Military / First Responder

A look how Remotely Operated Vehicles, ROV, or underwater drones, are used by Search and Rescue teams as added rescue diver – for rapid and safe missions. Today in Canada, Search and Rescue (SAR) is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial/territorial and municipal organizations, as well as air, ground and maritime volunteer organizations.  The vast… Read More »


Military Underwater Drone Package: The Ultimate ROV for Aquatic Missions

Military / First Responder

Deep Trekker™ military underwater drone tackling an assortment of aquatic tasks – such as hull inspections, search & recovery, EOD, and surveillance.  Deep Trekker™ Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are completely customizable to achieve a multitude of underwater operations. Its portable and rugged design make it the ideal solution for military and navy dive teams. The DTG2 underwater… Read More »


Diveable Controllers Allow for a More Portable ROV & Offer Extra Safety for Divers

Company Product and Event News, Military / First Responder

Portable ROV solutions, such as the Diveable Controller, offer military divers an extra level of safety by sending an underwater drone into dangerous waters. Nothing says ‘ portable ROV ‘ like the Deep Trekker Diveable Controller. Without the need for cumbersome generators or topside power sources, Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles, DTG2 & DTX2, are… Read More »


Capabilities of Emergency Response Robots: NIST Standard Testing

Military / First Responder

Deep Trekker was invited to Virginia Beach for the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard test methods of emergency response robots. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is advancing the capabilities of emergency response robots by creating a set of performance benchmarks. Trials are created specifically for remotely operated ground, aerial,… Read More »


Low Visibility Diving – A look at Sonar Integration

Commercial / Salvage, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Underwater Discovery and Research

Updated sonar technologies are making low visibility diving possible – making them the ideal tool to be equipped on underwater drones for Search & Rescue missions and salvage operations. Unless you are swimming off the coast of Cancun, your nearest water source may not always be incredibly clear. Visibility below the surface often limits the… Read More »


Large Area Search and Recovery Tactics

Military / First Responder

A glimpse into large area search and recovery tactics and how Remotely Operated Vehicles have aided in missions. It may seem like an impossible task as you glare over a large body of water; knowing that someone has gone missing beneath the alluring surface and it is your mission to find them. Sadly, this scenario takes… Read More »


Search & Rescue: A Look At Canadian Operations

Military / First Responder

Canadian Search and Rescue It’s not easy being responsible for safeguarding the lives of those at risk throughout Canada. With an area spanning from the US border to the North Pole and from 600 nautical miles (1,111 km) off the coast of Vancouver Island to 900 nautical miles (1,667 km) into the Atlantic Ocean from… Read More »

Diver versus Deep Trekker: A Cost /Benefit Analysis

Commercial / Salvage, Military / First Responder

As underwater ROV technology continues to evolve and transform, industry professionals are faced with a simple question: diver or drone? While the question may be simple, often the answer is not and depends on a multitude of factors such as the scope of a task, operating environment/conditions and project complexity to name a few. Ultimately… Read More »

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