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Coal Power Plant Inspections: Observing Water Flow & Safety with Underwater Drones

Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to coal power plant inspections; utilizing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), or underwater drones. For anyone who has found their way to a coal power plant, there is one very common theme throughout the place; safety is the key. It is reiterated with protocols, procedures, and plenty… Read More »


Offshore Wind Farm Approved for Long Island

Oil and Energy

Offshore wind proposal is approved to be built off the east coast of the United States; bringing them one step closer to obtaining new, clean, renewable energy. We have occasionally written about offshore wind farms in the past. Recently, a proposal to construct a 90-megawatt (MW) wind energy plant off the coast of Long Island has… Read More »

Underwater Robots Perfect for Power Production

Oil and Energy

Underwater exploration, fish farms, dive jobs, marine research, municipal and commercial water utilities are obvious industries for the utilization of Deep Trekker mini-ROVs and pipe crawlers. However another industry that has seen remarkable success integrating underwater inspection robots is energy production. Diverse methods of creating energy provide a number of applications which benefit from inspection… Read More »

Dam Inspection: A Day at Still Creek Dam

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

We’ve been busy lately visiting various municipalities, police forces, aquaculture sites, and water treatment plants showcasing both our portable ROV systems and our new product line, the DT340 Pipe Crawler. One project in particular, took place at the Still Creek Dam in Tamaqua, PA. Cody and Sam packed up the crawler and headed down to perform a… Read More »

Welcoming Wind Farms for Alternative Power Generation

Oil and Energy

News of completion of the first offshore wind farm in American water was shared last week by the New York Times. Why is this important? As we learn more about fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, it becomes clear that as a global population we need to find alternative methods to power our everyday lives. Wind power… Read More »

How Do You Clear Your Trash Racks?

Commercial / Salvage, Oil and Energy

What are Trash Racks? A trash rack is a wooden or metal structure that prevents debris from entering the intake of a water mill, hydroelectric dam or storm water system. In many cases, hydro dams pull in water from a lake, river or reservoir through their intake to be used for power generation. As the… Read More »

Mini-ROVs: The Coal-Fired and Nuclear Power Plant Inspection Solution

Industry News, Oil and Energy

To some people, applications for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in energy production facilities such as offshore oil platforms or hydroelectric dams may seem obvious. Such structures are either built on water or directly use water to create energy. However, many people may not know that ROVs can be very useful in monitoring and maintaining other… Read More »

4 Ways Deep Trekker ROVs Can Be The Best Option For Hull Inspections

Marine Survey / Shipping, Oil and Energy

If you work in the shipping industry or own a vessel (whether it be a tug boat or a massive freight ship), completing regular hull inspections can be one way to avoid damage and decay on your boat. Completing a hull inspection on your vessel can give insight as to whether or not the structure… Read More »

Immediate Response Inspection Tools for Energy Producers

Oil and Energy

Every minute that a power plant is out of service, can potentially cost thousands of dollars. However, the consequences are more than financial, as the public also suffers when they do not have power in their homes. It is for these and many more reasons that power plants work tirelessly to reduce downtime and perform… Read More »

A History of the Rio De Janeiro

Industry News, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy, Underwater Discovery and Research

We have posted a couple of blog posts recently about Deep Trekker’s role in helping locate a missing German Warship, the Rio de Janeiro that was found off the coast of Norway. A major historical site for Norway, Germany and Poland, the Rio de Janeiro has an extremely interesting history. On April 6, 1940 the… Read More »

Hydroelectric Dam Inspections Maintenance

Top 3 Uses of Mini ROVs in Hydro

Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

  Mini Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are used worldwide for inspections throughout the Energy Industry.  Strong infrastructure is vital for the safety and efficiency of energy production and that could not be more true when considering hydroelectricity.  Water is a destructive force; it regularly thrashes against the intake networks of a dam and through the… Read More »

Deep Trekker Announces Exclusive Live Demonstrations at Oceanology International 2016 in London

Commercial / Salvage, Company Product and Event News, Industry News, Oil and Energy, Underwater Discovery and Research

Ayr, Ontario Canada – February 12, 2016 – Deep Trekker Inc. announced today that they will be bringing their 250 gallon demo tank to offer live demonstrations of their mini-Remotely Operated Vehicles at Oceanology International 2016 in London from March 15-17. Anyone looking to try out the underwater drone is invited to stop by stand… Read More »

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