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rov pilot in uss arizona pearl harbor

Remembering Pearl Harbor | Drone in the USS Arizona

Company Product and Event News, For Everyone, Opinion Pieces

Looking back at our time with one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor attack. Including ROV footage of the vessel’s corridors. Reliving Our Pearl Harbor Experience Time flies – It is hard to believe a year has passed since a chain of fortunate events took me to Hawaii.  The warm… Read More »

rov exploring Sydney - Opera House

ROV Exploring the Shores of Sydney, Australia

Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Deep Trekker deployed a DTG2 ROV within the waters of Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia. Exploring the marine life using the HD underwater camera. Working for Deep Trekker will take you to very interesting places. Since the DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) can be used by commercial dive teams, Military & Navy personnel, shipping companies,… Read More »


Skeletons Found in the Depths: Underwater Drone Discoveries

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Skeletons found underwater using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – Deep Trekker client shares his discoveries using the underwater drone. If you spend enough time exploring underwater, you will eventually stumble upon something exciting. Jan Petersen is a great example. A pilot of a Deep Trekker DTG2, Petersen spends much of his free time diving his… Read More »


Drones at Dubai Boat Show 2017 and Wrecks to Explore

For Everyone, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Drones are making a splash at the Dubai International Boat Show – Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) exploring shipwrecks and sunken treasures. Our team is set for the Dubai International Boat Show which runs from February 28th to March 4th. At the show, Deep Trekker will be located at Stand D-112. Our underwater drones will… Read More »

Canadian Fish Farm Describes Use of Underwater Drone

Aquaculture, Customer Stories, Industry News, Opinion Pieces

Aqua-Cage Fisheries is a Northern Ontario Aquaculture enterprise that harvests rainbow trout for the consumer market. Aqua-cage employees working at the farm receive fingerlings from hatcheries in Southern Ontario. They monitor, observe and feed them in the open waters of Georgian Bay. Ensuring that the farm’s structure and protocols are maintained for optimum health is… Read More »

Proud to Be Canadian: Liberal Government Hiring Aquatic Scientists

Aquaculture, For Everyone, Industry News, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

It’s a proud week to be Canadian. On Wednesday May 11, the Canadian Liberal Government announced their new initiative to hire 135 aquatic scientists to help inform the federal policy surrounding Canada’s oceans, waterways and fisheries. A hiring blitz like this one has not been seen in the past decade. As huge proponents for oceanic… Read More »

Combating Aquaculture Critics with Underwater Drones

Aquaculture, Opinion Pieces

The aquaculture industry in general is one that receives a lot of criticism from various groups and individuals. We don’t claim that the global aquaculture industry is perfect and that it doesn’t bring about some interesting questions about sustainability and the environment. However, after spending time among various aquaculture professionals and visiting numerous farm sites,… Read More »

The Ocean is in Trouble & We Need Your Ideas

For Everyone, Industry News, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

We always prefer to share good news. However, sometimes important issues need to be addressed and awareness of them needs to be developed. If you’re a reader of Deep Trekker’s blog, you likely have some (if not a lot) of knowledge on the state of the oceans and maritime exploration. After all, we are a… Read More »

Sub-Ice Search and Rescue with Mini-ROVs

Company Product and Event News, Military / First Responder, Opinion Pieces

Police and Search and Rescue dive teams face substantial risks every day to provide families and the public with security and comfort during difficult and stressful situations. Unfortunately, whether it is summer or winter, situations where people and vessels go missing below the water are all too common. The dedication and professionalism of police officers… Read More »

How Deep Is the Ocean Video

How Deep Is The Ocean?

Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

It’s a hard concept to grasp when all we see is the surface. Underwater drones can help you discover the mysteries below, but to get you started Buzzfeed put together this great video to remind you just how vast the ocean really is. Watch the video here:    

Using Mini-ROVs to Combat Water Crises

Industry News, Infrastructure, Opinion Pieces

We drink it, shower with it, cook with it, clean with it, swim in it, boat on it and cool off with it. We cannot live without clean, fresh, consumable water sources Make a mental list of everything requiring clean water. From that, how many of the activities you brainstormed involve consuming water? Whether it… Read More »

Diver or ROV? It’s Not One or the Other

Commercial / Salvage, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Whether to hire divers or use mini-ROVs to perform maintenance and inspection work is a recurring discussion in many underwater industries. Deep Trekker believes that the key to improving all underwater work is the use of ROVs in conjunction with divers. Mini-ROVs like our DTG2 allow video dive monitoring from shore or aboard a host… Read More »

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