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Sonar Blueprint Oculus M1200D

Sonar Blueprint Oculus M1200D

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  • Dual frequency mode

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    0.1m to 30m range

Montaje del sonar de generación de imágenes de proyección multihaz Oculus M1200D para ROV para evitar obstáculos e identificar objetivos.

Sonar de generación de imágenes bidimensionales para lograr ver en aguas oscuras o turbias. El M1200 es un sonar multihaz con capacidad de modo de frecuencia doble de 1,2 o 2,1 mHz. El modo de frecuencia doble permite mayores detalles en un ancho menor. Capacidad de menor rango que otros sonares de generación de imágenes (0,1 m a 30 m) pero ofrece las imágenes de mayor calidad en ese rango corto y se adapta mejor a las aplicaciones de inspección por ejemplo de cascos de embarcaciones.

Low-visibility operations

Cameras and diver’s eyes often are unable to effectively search due to poor visibility underwater. An imaging sonar is the best tool to then reidentify the target, since oftentimes side scan data does not produce an exact location (so navigating back to the potential target can be difficult). Once the target is reidentified, the sonar can be used to continue to track the target as you move closer, and when you get close enough, it can even be used to perform the visual verification.

Sonar for hull inspection

In inspection operations, particularly in murky water applications, it can be difficult to use just a camera to get an understanding of the condition of a structure.

For example, when inspecting the hull of a ship, you want to see if there are any major defects or corrosion, damage to the coating, zincs, anodes, propeller, check the coating condition, check if the hull needs to be cleaned.

M1200D Multibeam Sonar Specs

Width122mm (4.8 inch)
Height62mm (2.4 inch)
Length125mm (4.9 inch)
ConstructionAnodised Aluminium (Titanium available on request)
Depth Rating300m
Weight in air980g (2.1lbs)
Weight in water360g (0.79lbs)
Operating & Storage Temperature-5°C to +35°C (23°F 95°F)

M1200D Multibeam Acoustic Specs

Frequency1.2MHz (LF) / 2.1MHz (HF)
Range (max)30m (LF) / 10m (HF)
Range (min)0.1m
Range Resolution2.5mm (LF) / 2.5mm (HF)
Update Rate (max)40Hz
Horizontal Aperture130° (LF) / 60° (HF)
Vertical Aperture20° (LF) / 12° (HF)
Number of Beams512
Angular Resolution0.6° (LF) / 0.4° (HF)
Beam Seperation0.25° (LF) / 0.16° (HF)
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