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DT340 Pipe Crawler Case Study: Extreme Divers

Extreme Divers, based out of North Fort Myers, Florida, is a contract diving company specializing in inspection, repair and construction. Key to the company’s growth and success is efficient, effective and accurate inspection of a variety of submersed infrastructure including storm drains, catch basins and varying pipes and tunnels. Extreme Divers owner Brad Rogers recognized the value a pipe crawler could bring to his company as a tool for inspection and repair. Deep Trekker’s battery operated DT340 provided Rogers with an adaptable and convenient pipe crawler option.

The DT340 is a battery powered submersible pipe crawler, eliminating the need for topside power. Designed for pipes from 8”(203mm) to 36”(914mm) in diameter, the crawler features a pan/tilt/zoom HD camera for live viewing on the handheld controller, as well as photo and video recording. Able to be integrated pipe inspection softwares for accurate pipe coding and inspections, the DT340 pipe crawler is controlled through the handheld all-in-one control system. Wheel and track options, as well as industry specific add-ons with plug and play capabilities, make the DT340 adaptable for numerous challenges.


As a busy company, Extreme Divers was seeking a pipe crawler solution that would add further value to their business. In need of a vehicle that would allow for accurate and convenient inspections, Extreme Divers wanted a crawler that would maximize their time and money. Furthermore, Extreme Divers wanted to keep divers safe in potentially risky diving situations. Taking on a wide range of tasks in the commercial diving field, the Extreme Divers team required a versatile and durable vehicle.

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First and foremost, Extreme Divers needed a high quality pipe crawler with the capabilities to meet the needs of their bustling business. “One of the major things I like about the crawler is that you can put it under water, the older crawlers can’t always be submerged,” said Rogers. “This is incredibly important as we inspect a variety of pipes, including pipes that could be completely filled with water. With the DT340 we can complete these inspections efficiently and accurately.” The durability and dependability of the vehicle is of utmost importance to Extreme Divers, with Rogers noting that he is “super happy with the vehicle, there is nothing that I would change about it.” Well thought out details specific to the needs of inspectors allow for Rogers and his team to complete exceptional pipe inspections. Rogers specifically noted the counter reel, allowing operators to note points of interest.

Extreme Divers’ new DT340 paid for itself with the first job - a 54,000 foot pipe inspection. Following that first project, the DT340 was deployed through a variety of pipe and drain inspections by Rogers and his team, however the most common project has proven to be the inspection of stormwater systems. As with any structural system, regular inspections to ensure the integrity of the pipes/drains/basins are important. Pipelines can encounter a number of issues that need to be tended to on a regular basis. Blocked pipes, leaks, cracks, and sediment build up are some of the common challenges that face pipeline flow systems. Cracks, leaks and weak structures can cause problems to the entire management system. By using the DT340 to perform regular inspections of storm water systems including the inflows, outflows, manholes, internal pipes and water basins, the Extreme Divers team and their clients can rest assured that all is well and the system is operating at full capacity. The longer an issue in the system sits, the more serious the consequences become. By completing frequent inspections with the vehicle, issues can be addressed as soon as they are recognized thus minimizing the impacts of any defects throughout the system.

The strenuous and varying nature of Extreme Divers’ business has meant that the durability of the ROV has been tested. After falling into a catch basin, the DT340 was left in place for over a month due to the difficult retrieval awaiting the Extreme Divers team. Following the extended period underwater, the vehicle was able to resume work immediately. The low maintenance vehicle has continued to add value as repairs have been minimal.

Rogers has found additional benefits in the DT340, particularly in regards to customer communication. Customers can be FaceTimed or video-called to see the inspection happening in real time on the handheld controller screen. With this value-added benefit, the customer can immediately approve changes or repairs, saving significant amounts of time for both the client and Extreme Divers. The versatility and high quality features of the DT340 continue to add unique value to the Extreme Divers team.

With the purchase of their DT340 pipe crawler, Extreme Divers have been able to conveniently conduct accurate and effective pipe inspections, while maximizing both their time and money.

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