dt320 mini pipe crawler deep trekker

DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler

The truly portable 6″ (152 mm) CCTV pipe inspection system.

Meet the battery powered mini pipe crawler inspection system. This mini CCTV sewer inspection camera is capable of inspecting 6-inch lined pipes (152 mm) and even undersized 6-inch diameters.

One Case – One Man Deployable

Constructed with the same design as the larger DT340; rugged stainless steel aluminum body, durable sapphire glass lens cover and clear HD P/T camera.

Already own the DT340 pipe crawler? The DT320 Mini is fully integrated to use the same controller and tether as the bigger DT340 unit.

Delivery dates are set for this summer (2018) and we are taking orders today. Be the first to start inspecting small diameter pipes with the portable DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler.

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DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler Packages


DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler Package

Fully loaded package has everything you need to start inspecting 6″ pipes.

dt320 mini pipe crawler 6 inch cctv camera package

Package Includes:
DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler with PT Camera Head
Elevating Arm
656 ft (200 m) Tether on Reel with Tether Length Counter
6-Inch & 8-Inch Wheel Sets
Handheld Controller
Carrying Case (1)

$25,999 USD USD


DT320 Mini Add-On

If you already have the larger DT340 pipe crawler, you can purchase the mini crawler and use your existing tether and controller.

dt320 mini pipe crawler dt340 deep trekker sewer camera

Package Includes:
DT320 Mini Crawler with Pan & Tilt Camera
Elevating Arm

$16,999 USD USD

battery operated mini pipe crawler icon

Full Day Battery Operation

portable mini pipe crawler icon

One Transportation Case


hd camera icon

Pan & Tilt HD Camera


fully submersible mini pipe crawler

Fully Submersible Capability


DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler Features

Battery Operated.

Just like the DT340, the mini crawler is battery operated and has the ability to work throughout the day.

The Truly Portable CCTV Pipe Inspection System.

Being so small, the entire DT320 system, including the tether and controller, has been designed to fit into one transportation case.
No dedicated truck required.

High-Quality HD Camera.

The DT320 Mini features a new High Definition pan & tilt camera. Offering clear resolution of defects or obstructions in the small diameter pipes.

Easy to Use.

One hand-held controller is all you need to operate the DT320 Mini. With the simple joysticks and buttons, conducting inspections or training new operators is effortless.

Mini Sewer Camera Specs


Fully Submersible

Sapphire Glass Lens Cover

Lens Wiper

GIS Software Compatible

dt320 mini pipe crawler deep trekker

Stainless Steel Aluminium

Integrates with DT340


Low Maintenance



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