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DT340 Pipe Crawler

Inspect pipes from 8″ (203 mm) to 36″ (914 mm) in diameter. Make sewer and storm water pipe inspections easier and more mobile than ever before

DT340 Pipe Crawler Packages

DT340 L

Pipe size: 8" (203mm) center

The DT340 lite package includes everything you need to start out with pipe inspections. Including a static camera, easily steer and maneuver through your pipelines with the handheld video controller.

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Durable Construction

Utilizing tough materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel components and sapphire for the camera lens cover, the DT340 is built to withstand the punishment that trenchless technology is inevitably subjected to.
Cast aluminum and stainless steel frame-icon-40 Cast aluminum and stainless steel frame

Sapphire glass camera lens cover-icon 40 Built to last - Sapphire glass camera lens cover

steerable-icon Light Grey 3 40 Built to last - Skid-steer

Clean sheet eng 40px Built to last - Clean sheet engineering

Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

In a single day of inspection work, you may come across various pipe profiles. This is why we have developed modular pipe crawlers with plug-and-play technology, including pipe inspection cameras and various wheel options.

Flexible with or without a CCTV Truck

Built for municipal pipe inspections as small as 8” (203 mm) in diameter, the DT340 Pipe Crawler is fully submersible. Being battery operated removes the need for a CCTV truck, generator or onsite power supply.

Operate the DT340 Pipe Crawler with its easy to use handheld controller. View and record video, document inspections, and upload directly to an asset-management software.

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At a glance

No topside power or boxes required

Portable and compact carrying cases

Software integrations

Fully waterproof system

PTZ HD camera

Wheel and track options

All-in-one control system

Optional Powered Reel

Battery Powered

Deep Trekker crawlers and control units are powered by long lasting lithium ion batteries, everything you need to perform an inspection can fit into one or two wheeled cases.

Scalable design & assorted wheel options

The DT340 Pipe Crawler can be redesigned or upgraded to fit various pipe diameters. Interchange with various wheel options to inspect different pipe materials.

Have a unique job? Let us help customize a crawler for you.

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Completely Submersible

The DT340 utilizes an innovative magnetically coupled drive system to drive the vehicle, allowing the crawler to be completely waterproof and not requiring ongoing maintenance. Many other crawler systems require regular gasket replacement or nitrogen gas filling to maintain their ability to keep water out.

All purpose controller

Pipe inspections made easy. Operate the DT340 or DT320 Mini with its splash-proof controller. The easy to use control system reduces the learning curve for beginner operators.

Record your own video inspections or integrate with reporting software using the crawler’s standard video out port.

Controller Icon

Weatherproof handheld controller

Record icon

Record video inspections with voice over via DVR

Town of Renfrew

How one small town saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by owning their own pipe inspectino equipment. "Another reason we opted to purchase the equipment was to deploy the camera on our schedule rather than waiting on a contractor"

Lane Cleroux, Town of Renfrew

City of Brantford

"I really liked the versatility of being able to send one guy in a truck to figure out exactly what we need to do. No waiting on expensive emergency services or going in blind with our cutters, it just makes a lot of sense for us"

John Longo, City of Brantford, Supervisor of the Water Distribution & Wastewater Collections Division

Extreme Divers

"One of the major things I like about the crawler is that you can put it under water, the older crawlers can’t always be submerged. This is incredibly important as we inspect a variety of pipes, including pipes that could be completely filled with water. With the DT340 we can complete these inspections efficiently and accurately."

Brad Rogers, Extreme Divers, Owner

Comparing Deep Trekker Crawlers

Custom Quote

I would highly recommend the DT340 Crawler! the City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division purchased the unit in 2017 and have inspected thousands of feet of stormwater sewer pipe with no issues. The battery operated unit provides plenty of power to inspect pipe for hours and is very mobile with no need for a generator or van to transport the unit. You won't regret the decision to purchase this unit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dan Carder

City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division

Best customer service experience I have ever experienced. These guys products work beyond compare and they will help you in any way possible with any question you have. Blew my mind when the owner of the company actually called me himself and has emailed me several times to assist with questions. We just started using them but we will be changing our entire fleet to Deep Trekker due to their superb products and the fact that you know you are dealing with a company that actually cares and wants to do everything they can to help their customers. Outstanding company.

David Haire

Pittsburg Tank & Tower

Our team have worked with Deep Trekker for several years and have found them to be the best supplier we have ever dealt with. The technology is market and industry leading and the after sales support is simply amazing. Professionally I have never encountered a company that treats its customers so well.

Mike Larkin

Fulcrum Robotics

DT340 Pipe Crawler Spec Highlights

deep trekker dt340 pipe crawler wireframe

DT340 ‘S’ Crawler General Specifications

Length: 710 mm (27.95”)
Width: 141 mm (5.55”)
Height: 151 mm (5.96”)
Weight: 16.6 kg (36.59 lb)
Materials: Stainless Steel Aluminium, High Strength Sapphire
Depth Rating: 50 m (164 ft)
Viewing Capability: Pipelines 200 mm (8”) Diameter To 900 mm (36”) Center
Wheels: 4 (optional sizes)
Tracks: Optional
Wheel Sizes: 200 mm Diameter (8”) (Standard), 250 mm Diameter (10”) (Optional), 300 mm Diameter (12”) (Optional)
Turn Radius: 0 mm (0”)
Speed: 12 m / Min
Operating Temp: -5C To 40C (23F - 104F)
Software Compatibility: Integrates with most sewer inspection software
Warranty: 1 Year - Parts And Labor (2-3years optional)
Optional: Powered Reel, 200 m - 400 m

Deep Trekker reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice.

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The DT320 Mini Crawler

Looking for a small pipe crawler to conduct CCTV sewer inspections in 6-inch pipes? The DT320 Mini Crawler is portable, efficient and easy to use. Topside power is not required; simply plug the tether in and deploy within minutes.

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