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How JS Industries Used the DT320 to Create a New Revenue Stream

We recently spoke to Josh Buniak to hear how he uses the DT320 in the day to day operations of his JS Industries. Conducting condition assessments for infrastructure improvement using the DT320, Buniak has been able to create a new revenue stream that he didn’t have before the purchase of the crawler. While condition assessments are Buniak’s most common task for the DT320, he also completes trouble inspections to meet the sewer cleaning and restoration needs of his clientele.

Revenue Generation

Buniak was able to create this revenue stream for himself with the purchase of a DT320. Buniak was introduced to Deep Trekker after the pipe crawlers were recommended to him following a trenchless presentation. “The reason I bought the Deep Trekker is because I got into the trenchless pipe inspection industry...I needed a camera and Deep Trekker was recommended to me.”

Interested in expanding his revenue streams and opportunities, Buniak set out to generate business with the crawler. “I entered a completely new venture with the DT320,” he explained.

Buniak described how he uses the crawler in basic terms. “I need to inspect pipes to find any issues and then inspect them again afterwards to prove that I’ve done it. The camera on the DT320 allows me to do this.” Buniak emphasized the importance of the crawler in his business, “I couldn’t do this job without the DT320.”

The uncomplicated operation of Deep Trekker vehicles allowed Buniak to get underway quickly and efficiently. “Learning to use the Deep Trekker was quick and straightforward,” he said. The speedy uptake lets business owners get to work in a timely manner, minimizing learning curves and start up times.

Competitive Edge

In order to be successful it is imperative that businesses are able to exceed the expectations of their clientele. The features of the DT320 provide Buniak with a versatile vehicle that gives him a competitive edge in the market.

“With the DT320 I can go into pipelines and get to areas that my competition can’t,” he said. This effectiveness allows Buniak to get an edge over competitors, empowering him to become a leader in the industry.

Buniak elaborated on the versatility of the DT320 explaining, “I really like the wheel kits. With these I’m able to traverse some pipes that I wouldn’t have been able to before.”

The portability of the DT320 has brought significant value to Buniak, enabling him to take the crawler to a variety of locations. “The Deep Trekker can go anywhere, especially with the Pelican case. That has really proven to be an asset for me,” he emphasized. The DT320 was designed with portability in mind, complete in one compact carrying case, the out of the box system is deployable without generators or power supply onsite.

Furthermore the effectiveness of the vehicle has proven to be an asset for Buniak. “The crawler has a really good camera,” he noted. The camera has provided Buniak with an accurate and effective way to get the job done for his customers.

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The use of the DT320 has allowed Buniak to expand and grow his business. “There is lots of value in a DT320 purchase,” he said.

With the DT320, Buniak has built a strong revenue stream, empowering him to continue to build his company and meet the unique needs of his customers. On the crawler, Buniak shared that “efficiencies are through the roof!”

Buniak noted that the crawler gives him the freedom to thrive, “I can see myself getting a second camera, there’s lots of room to grow with these crawlers, there’s lots of capacity.”

The Deep Trekker Difference

Buniak discussed the difference that the Deep Trekker team makes in his success with the DT320. “It’s what you guys do in the backend,” noted Buniak, explaining that the support of the Deep Trekker team has made a significant impact for him.

“Any concerns that I’ve had, your engineering department has been quick to reach out and listen to any suggestions or questions that I’ve had,” Buniak shared. “The Deep Trekker service department is absolutely top notch.”

At Deep Trekker we make it our mission to empower and listen in our vision of accessing the impossible. Buniak underlined the value of the Deep Trekker team, “you guys and your willingness and eagerness to make everything right have been awesome.”

Furthermore Buniak touched on the affordability of the vehicle. “The Deep Trekker price point is key. For what I’m doing, it’s got a really great camera - it really does a good job.” The affordability and accessibility of the DT320 make it ideal for creating new revenue streams.

The entire Deep Trekker team sincerely thanks Josh Buniak for his time in speaking with us. You can learn more about JS Industries on their website and Facebook page.

Learn more about Deep Trekker’s crawlers in our case study with Extreme Divers and our blog post Which Crawler Tires are Best for Which Pipe Material. As always, our team of industry experts is here to answer any questions you may have. When you’re ready to get a crawler of your own, reach out for your customized quote!

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