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5 Key Factors That Make ROVs Ideal for Mine Countermeasures

Rachel Doornekamp   |   July 14, 2020

Deep Trekker is proud to provide mission-ready submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to the defense industry.

Applications such as target location and identification in salvage operations, critical infrastructure inspection, ship husbandry, and damage assessment are greatly simplified and much safer using Deep Trekker’s simple, capable, and reliable platforms.

More specifically, submersible ROVs can be incredibly valuable for mine countermeasure operations. ROVs provide a safe and effective alternative to divers when it comes to finding and classifying underwater mines.

Why Deep Trekker for Defense

Deep Trekker’s versatile and durable ROVs are perfect for the defense industry. Designed to work in the toughest conditions, Deep Trekker ROVs are dependable and capable.

All configurations are battery-powered and operate several hours on a single charge, meaning no external power sources are required to complete the mission. Smart design paired with the lack of external power makes Deep Trekker ROVs easily portable for missions in any location. Rapid and convenient deployment means that operators can get to work quickly and efficiently. Both the DTG3 and Revolution ROVs can be out of the case and in the water in under a minute.

The open platform, modular ROVs accept a variety of sensors including imaging and navigation sonars, USBL tracking systems, multi-function manipulators with a variety of attachments, and non destructive testing tools such as the ultrasonic thickness gauge, among other options. With mission specific underwater tools, users can be ready for whatever task is thrown their way.

When it comes to mine countermeasure operations, Deep Trekker ROVs provide defense teams with a reliable, effective and safe manner in which to conduct missions.

Ease of Use

The overall ease of use of a Deep Trekker ROV makes them a practical and convenient way to get eyes underwater safely. The straightforward hand-held controller allows users to easily learn how to confidently and accurately operate their vehicle with minimal training. Able to be deployed in minutes and contained within a wheeled Pelican case, the portability of the vehicles allows users to bring the ROV around ports and ships with ease. Furthermore, plug and play add ons provide operators with additional advanced capabilities.

With straightforward operating and deployment, a Deep Trekker ROV lends itself well to conducting efficient and effective missions. The smaller learning curve enables a variety of operators within an EOD or MCM team to be able to utilize the tool without the need for ongoing formal training.

Diver Safety

The use of an ROV allows divers to avoid going into potentially dangerous situations. Mine countermeasure operations can be especially hazardous for divers, making an ROV a suitable and safe replacement or assistant. ROVs allow for underwater security inspections to be performed on a regular basis without risk to a human being. Should a diver need to get into the water, an ROV can be sent down prior to the person to allow for a safety scan of the area or sent along with the diver to be sent ahead into especially dangerous areas.


Missions carried out with a Deep Trekker are safe, accurate and effective. Equipped with a 4k camera and powerful lighting, Deep Trekker’s ROVs allow users to get eyes in the water immediately. Sonar add-ons ensure accurate surveys in even the most turbid of waters.

In addition to the live feed on the ROV controller screen, pilots can record both video and photos. This ability allows users with a reliable way to review underwater footage and create accurate records for past missions.


The battery-powered ROVs don’t require topside power, meaning you don’t have to lug around any external power sources. The 6-8 hour battery life allows users to bring the robot to whatever remote location missions may call for, including on your smallest vessels such as a RHIB. Finally, a customized carrying case provides easy transport of the ROV when not in use. The case also allows for convenient storage of the robot on any size vessel.

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Cost Savings

The use of an ROV for mine countermeasure allows defense teams to make the most of their budget. Using an ROV to gain underwater awareness can significantly cut down on costs associated with divers or dry docking. Additionally, the quick deployment and ease of storage saves valuable time during inspection processes. The low cost make it considerably less risky to endanger it near a potential explosive compared to purpose built intervention devices or divers.

ROVs have many other valuable roles to fill on a defense vessel as well. Applications such as target location and identification, salvage, and critical infrastructure inspection are greatly simplified and much safer using Deep Trekker’s versatile and capable platforms.


Deep Trekker offers two advanced ROVs in the DTG3 and REVOLUTION. The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments. Equipped with an internal pivoting 4k camera, the unit can hold position in the water while the camera is rotated 270° above and below. With expert engineering and the help of gravity, the ROV shell and thrusters can be rotated while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame, allowing the ROV to drive straight up and down, side to side, forwards and backwards while using the same thrusters.

The Deep Trekker REVOLUTION is a completely re-imagined ROV. This mission-ready ROV offers greater capabilities, deeper depths, and advanced stabilization.The patented pending revolving head allows operators to rotate the camera, manipulators, and sonar 260° all while station holding in moving water. The 6 vectored thrusters allow for lateral movement side to side and precise turning forward and backward, providing maximum control and advanced station holding.

Powered by BRIDGE technology, both the DTG3 and the REVOLUTION offer simplified controls, seamless integration, constant communication and enhanced operations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the use of Deep Trekker ROVs in the defence industry check out Using ROVs to Maximize Crew Safety and Underwater ROVs for Situational Awareness.

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