Introducing ROVpartner, Deep Trekker's Trusted Reseller in Norway

ROVpartner was founded in 2015 at Trøngsla Næringspark 3 km east of Flekkefjord in Norway and has been a part of the Deep Trekker family since its inception, and is our only trusted reseller of Deep Trekker products in Norway.

As part of our well-trained, world-class team, ROVpartner brings years of experience to the table, offering sales, service, and repairs of Deep Trekker underwater ROVs, utility crawlers, and Pipe Trekker crawlers in Norway and Sweden.

Passionate about life in the sea, they are committed to preserving the health and integrity of our oceans. In 2019, they took the initiative to start the Teinejakta project together with Lister Friluftsråd to tackle the problem of ghost fishing. In the first year, they were able to recover more than 500 tools lost in the water in the Lister region and aim to accomplish even more every year.

It’s estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 metric tonnes of fishing gear are lost, abandoned, or discarded in our oceans every year. Ghost gear is one of the most harmful forms of marine pollution in our oceans, and can be a fatal threat to fish, marine mammals, and other marine life that can become entangled in the gear. It also presents navigational hazards, breaks down into other forms of pollution such as microplastics, and costs millions to clean up.

Deep Trekker is proud to work with ROVpartner and be part of the initiative to help clean up our oceans and make them safer for everyone. Removing this ghost gear can help mitigate the damage caused and protect the health of our oceans and marine life ecosystems, which benefits everyone on the planet.

Expertise and Customer Service: ROVpartner's Role in Deep Trekker ROVs

With nearly a decade of in-field experience under their belt, ROVpartner is a seasoned expert with Deep Trekker ROVs. Working with many industries in Norway and Sweden has given ROVpartner real-world insights and extensive field experience with Deep Trekker ROVs.

This background empowers them to offer first-class customer service and training for new users. With a deeper understanding of their customer's needs and pain points and the technical expertise of in-field experience, they are well-positioned to offer service beyond the sale and guide new users through operations.

Resellers are indispensable to vehicle manufacturers. Not only do they expand the customer base with their own network of customers, which helps to increase sales and brand awareness in new regions, but they also provide invaluable local expertise that can help the manufacturer focus on the features and options in demand because they understand the needs and preferences of their customers in their local market. Resellers can also provide after-sales service, reduce distribution costs, and provide valuable feedback about the manufacturer's products, which provides opportunities for growth, innovation, and improvement.


Service and Maintenance: ROVpartner's Commitment to High-Quality Repairs

Deep Trekker ROVs are built with a rugged, streamlined design, with minimal maintenance required. However, things break sometimes, and that’s why our Certified Service Partners are well-trained and knowledgeable.

You can always rest assured that ROVpartner can take care of any needed repairs, held up to the same service and quality standards we live by at Deep Trekker.

At ROVpartner, service and repairs can be conducted directly in their workshop in Flekkefjord, and with two service vehicles equipped with the necessary tools and parts, they can offer to carry out service/repairs at the customer's premises, as well.

Sales and Training: Deep Trekker's Support for ROVpartner and Their Customers

Deep Trekker is committed to our partner community, offering ongoing education opportunities and training, industry-leading programs, and marketing building blocks to ensure our partners succeed along with us.

During their week at our facility in Kitchener, ROVpartner was able to get hands-on time with our entire lineup of ROVs, and get a sneak peek at some new, exciting products currently in development and coming to market in the near future. DESCRIPTION HERE

The Deep Trekker Reseller Program

“We seek out partners with a complementary vision,” shared Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. “We care deeply about our customers and want to see them succeed, and know that a key component of that is providing great service, and long-term support with their projects using our equipment. Our customers do not want to simply buy something from a catalog. They want a partner who will work with them throughout the lifespan of their robot. The team at ROVpartner exemplifies what it means to support customers in this way and we are grateful to have them representing Deep Trekker.”

This sentiment is what drives our high standard of quality and world-class customer service. Our Certified Service Partners are passionate about the industry and are part of the Deep Trekker family, working together toward a shared vision and goal of excellence.

We hold our Resellers to the same standards we champion at Deep Trekker. Resellers must become certified technical service providers by completing specialized service training with Deep Trekker Inc. This ensures that our Certified Service Partners are well trained and knowledgeable, and most importantly, fully capable of meeting our customer's needs.

It was truly wonderful having ROVpartner with us at our facility for a week, and we look forward to many more visits from them and all of our Resellers and Certified Service Partners.

Benefits of The Deep Trekker Reseller Program

Want to develop a partnership with an innovative company that is passionate about technology and robotics, and prioritizes customer service and support? As a Certified Service Partner and member of our Reseller Program, you will have the opportunity to build a strong and supportive relationship with Deep Trekker as a valued member of our reseller program, which comes with a wealth of rewarding benefits, including:

  • Access to a wide range of innovative exploration tools and industry-leading ROVs
  • Certification as a technical service provider, ensuring high-quality service for customers
  • Training opportunities with Deep Trekker to improve knowledge and expertise

The Reseller Program is critical at Deep Trekker, allowing us to grow and reach customers from all over the world and provide first-rate customer service. We are pioneers of the industry, bringing new, exciting, and innovative exploration tools and our industry-leading mini ROVs across a broad range of verticals.

Interested in becoming one of our Certified Service Partners?

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