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5 Ways Scuba Divers are using ROVs

Rachel Doornekamp   |   May 13, 2020

As we discover more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is at an all time high. Deep Trekker underwater ROVs make exploration and discovery through scuba diving more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

With the ability to have eyes underwater in seconds without the need for a generator or power supply, Deep Trekker ROVs are the perfect tool for exploration in remote locations. Minimal technical expertise is required to operate and there is no extended learning curve.

What is an ROV?

An ROV , or remotely operated vehicle, is a highly maneuverable, submersible vehicle equipped with an HD camera to provide operators with a live view of underwater environments as well as record footage of their discoveries. Intelligent and easy to use, ROVs are durable and portable tools for scuba diving. Deep Trekker ROVs offer an affordable system for professional and recreational divers to dive safely and explore shipwrecks and underwater archeological sites.

Deep Trekker offers two innovative ROVs, the DTG3 and the REVOLUTION. Both ROVs are able to be equipped with dive specific tools to add more to your next dive.

How can an ROV be used in scuba diving and underwater discovery? Read on!

Pre Dive Site Checks

While scuba diving is immensely popular it does pose inherent risks as do many other outdoor activities. A pre-dive safety check of equipment is absolutely vital, whether you are a new or veteran diver. Following PADI’s B.W.R.A.F. acronym to check BCD, weights, releases, air and then the final OK, divers prepare themselves for a safe and enjoyable dive. Performing these checks before every dive helps to avoid accidents while divers are in the water.

With an ROV, pre-dive safety checks can be taken one step further. Before a diver dips even a toe in the water, a Deep Trekker ROV can be deployed to examine the dive site. With the ROV, potential trouble spots can be identified before divers are actually in the water. Debris and tricky areas can be pointed out and planned for, preparing divers for a safe and fun dive. These site checks can be especially useful for shipwrecks, as potentially dangerous or unstable zones can be noted before divers explore the area.

In addition to diver safety, pre-dive inspections allow you to make the most of your dives. Maximize your time underwater by checking out the coolest spots ahead of time to decide where you want to explore further once you're under the waves.

Monitor Divers

Diver safety can be further optimized with the use of an ROV to monitor participants during their dive. By keeping an eye on divers from topside, operators can see the underwater action in real time to ensure that divers are safe and following necessary safety protocols. Whether open water or confined spaces, real time monitoring is incredibly beneficial for scuba diving safety.

With a pilot operating an ROV for observation any potential upcoming dangers can be spotted before trouble occurs. By staying proactive with underwater monitoring, diver safety can be prioritized.

Real-time video observation also allows issues to be caught immediately if they do happen. With live observation, emergency assistance can be sent quickly to provide help when it is needed most.

Diveable Control System

While Deep Trekker ROVs are typically deployed from the surface, we have made it possible for scuba divers to operate underwater, directly beside the ROV. The Diveable Control System allows divers to pilot the ROV ahead of them when exploring hard to reach underwater caves or sunken ships. Completely submersible and depth rated to 75 meters (246 feet), the handheld controller allows divers to take the entire Deep Trekker ROV system beneath the surface with them.

Divers can send the ROV into a hazardous scenario or confined space before going in themselves - sending the ROV into difficult spaces lets divers confirm conditions before they enter that area themselves. Divers stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks by using the ROV in lieu of a human being, allowing the diver to avoid tricky situations completely.

The diveble control system is especially useful for shipwrecks and archeological sites. From underwater, divers can use the ROV to get an up close look without harming the site.

Post Dive Evaluations

Recording underwater dive operations in 4K using an ROV provides value to both individual scuba divers and scuba diving companies.

Capturing unique, high quality footage of dives in action allows divers to relive their favourite adventures. Scuba dive companies can also generate further income and provide customers with a value add by recording dives.

Furthermore, dive companies can evaluate dives to determine where operations could be improved. By evaluating dives, policies and practices can be updated to provide the best dive experiences possible.

Finally, scuba diving companies can create a historical directory of diving content for marketing and documentation purposes.

Own an ROV? Let us Know What You Find it Most Useful For!

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Certification and Teaching

Beneficial for preserving footage, evaluating practices and creating marketing content, recording dives is also incredibly useful for certification and training purposes.

Using the recorded footage, specific procedures and concepts can be clearly demonstrated in the initial certification stages for students. In addition to the teaching of difficult approaches, footage from both the confined and open water stages of certification can be reviewed for feedback. The ability to review videos of training dives provides students with an invaluable opportunity for learning.

ROVs are also useful for commercial divers, read more in How Commercial Divers Can Benefit from ROVs. We also listed our top diving destinations to check out in 2020!

As always, our team of industry experts is here to answer any questions you may have, reach out today!

Do you want to take the leap and create an ROV package of your own? We can make a custom Deep Trekker package just for you. Request a quote to get started.

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