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Top 10 Scuba Diving Destinations of 2020

Rachel Doornekamp   |   February 5, 2020

There is truly nothing better than exploring underwater! The chance to delve into amazing and mysterious aquatic worlds is too good to pass up.

However, underwater discovery can pose potential challenges and dangers. Mitigating these risks with the use of an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) makes exploration and discovery more accessible than ever before.

A submersible ROV allows divers to get eyes underwater in seconds. With this ability, divers can check out potential dive spots prior to going down themselves to check out potential hazards or tricky spots. An underwater drone also allows the topside team to monitor divers and conditions, optimizing safety and wellbeing.

Although Deep Trekker ROVs are typically deployed from the surface, we have made it possible for scuba divers to operate underwater, directly beside the ROV. The Diveable Control System allows divers to pilot the ROV ahead of them when exploring hard to reach underwater caves or sunken ships. Receive live UHD 4K footage directly to your handheld controller.

While the globe is truly full of endlessly amazing dive spots, we pulled together the ten spots we want to check out this year. Pack your scuba gear and read on to find your next adventure!

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

340 miles (547km) off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is Cocos Island. A Costa Rican National Park, the island is full of exciting marine life like sailfish, giant mantas, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, sea lions, even pilot and humpback whales. As one of the most diverse diving spots in the world, you can also expect to see numerous species of coral and aquatic plants.

Deep waters with both swirling currents and countercurrents mean that this stunning dive spot is best for confident and experienced divers.

The Juan Fernández Archipelago, Chile

Chile offers numerous dive spots! One of our must-sees is The Juan Fernández Archipelago. A remote archipelago and national park off the coast of Chile, The Juan Fernández Islands comprise of Alejandro Selkirk Island, Santa Clara Island, and most of Robinson Crusoe Island.

The stunning waters and diverse sealife offer an amazing experience for divers.This remote location has been relatively untouched by humans, making this a unique and special dive spot.

While you’re in Chile stop by our Puerto Montt office or check out our annual ROV Olympics!

Whale Island, Vietnam

There’s a reason Whale Island is such a global diving hotspot! Ideal for recreational divers of all levels, these warm waters offer numerous dive sites ranging from gently sloping sandy bottom beaches to deep open water to swim throughs and caves to drift diving.

Famed for being the spot where the legendary Jacques Cousteau discovered his passion for the ocean, Whale Island is packed full of diverse and exciting marine life. With lush soft coral gardens and no shortage of ray, whale and shark sightings, Whale Island had certainly earned a spot on our top dive destinations list.

Jardin de la Reina, Cuba

This spot is perfect for all the daredevils out there! Between shark sightings and saltwater crocodiles, Jardin de la Reina will get your heart pumping. In addition to the exciting marine life, this diving hotspot boasts pristine reefs with fantastic visibility.

While the wildlife here is exciting, the actual dive conditions are known to be quite tame. Warm water, minimal currents and clear water make Jardin de la Reina an ideal spot for a fun, marine life filled dive.

Use ROVs to explore and capture your next underwater expedition

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Guadalupe, Mexico

While this isn’t technically a scuba dive spot, you’ll still need your scuba equipment as Guadalupe offers some of the best cage diving in the world. If adrenaline is your game, this is the place for you! Check out Great White Sharks up close and personal from the safety of your cage in the sparkling waters of Guadalupe.

The best time of year to visit for premium Great White Shark interaction is from August to October. Guadalupe is also a great location to spot seals, sea lions and a variety of seabirds.

The Deep Trekker team got to experience Guadalupe first hand during Shark Week 2019 in Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe, when our ROV got dressed up as a seal!

Fathom Five National Marine Park, Canada

With more lakes than the rest of the world combined and 20% of the world’s freshwater, you know a Canadian lake had to make the list!

Lake Huron’s Fathom Five National Marine Park is full of ancient rock formations, caves, fish species and perhaps most importantly - shipwrecks! With a grand total 22 shipwrecks throughout the marine park, divers will not be disappointed.

The Blue Hole, Belize

Part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the Blue Hole is a massive marine sinkhole. An impressive 407ft (124m) deep and 1,043ft (318m) in diameter, this famed spot is widely considered one of the best dive spots in the world.

Popularized by iconic oceanic explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, the crystal clear waters of the Blue Hole provides divers with spectacular views and numerous opportunities to catch a glimpse of sealife.

The Deep Trekker team was lucky enough to explore the Blue Hole with Ocean Unite co-founder and Virgin Group founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard Branson and documentary filmmaker, aquanaut and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau (grandson of famed oceanic explorer and filmmaker, Jacques Cousteau). Our underwater drones were part of the submersibles team that collected scientific data about the Blue Hole.

Kadavu Island, Fiji

No list of top dive destinations would be complete without a Fiji mention. Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” Fiji has some of the most colourful reef ecosystems on Earth. Due to the relatively remote location, the surrounding reefs are in absolutely pristine condition.

Perfect for fans of the manta ray, Kadavu Island is well known for their manta ray population, as well as sea turtles, butterflyfish, and humphead wrasse among other underwater creatures. Kadavu Island also features the Pacific Voyager, a tanker sunk almost 100 ft (30m) underwater.

Lake Malawi National Park

Arguably home to some of the best freshwater diving in the world, Lake Malawi National Park is perfect for all levels of diver. Beginner divers will appreciate the lack of current and swells, while more advanced divers will enjoy tunnel swim throughs and the penetrable wreck.

This freshwater lake is full of interesting rock formations and colourful fish, and with a maximum depth of 2300 ft (700m) there is plenty to see. While there are definite seasons, an amazing diving experience at Lake Malawi National Park is possible year round.

Eyjafjordur Fjord, Iceland

As Iceland’s first underwater natural reserve, Eyjafjordur Fjord is home to the world’s only diveable hydrothermal vent. While there’s no denying that this dive spot is colder than the others on our list, the hot water coming out of the hydrothermal cones more than makes up for it!

Best suited for advanced divers familiar with technical diving, this cold water dive offers the unique chance to see the plants and animals that call the hydrothermal cones and chimneys home. You’ll need to hit the dive shop for this one - warm gear is a necessity.

Get your diving equipment ready and check out our 2019 and 2018 dive destination lists too! Our dive industry experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have - reach out today!

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