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Deep Trekker Inc. and Fupe Systems AS introduce the DTG2 ROV to Europe at Aqua Nor 2011

Amanda Coulas   |   August 24, 2011

Ayr ON, August 24, 2011 August 16th to 19th marked Deep Trekker’s international debut at the Aqua Nor 2011 show in Norway. Deep Trekker’s DTG2 ROV proved to be a huge success, drawing attention from various countries including Chile, Australia, Russia, Finland, Scotland and China.

Wiggo Edvardsen, general manager of Fupe Systems AS, the Deep Trekker distributor for Europe and Russia, was pleased to introduce the Deep Trekker product line-up to an international market. The Fupe Systems booth contained a 52” television which played the DTG2 video on loop during all four days of the show. Wiggo jokes, “I feel the melody [from the video] is burned into my brain!” The pain, however, proved to be worthwhile as Wiggo, wife Lubov and sales manager Ingvar Sporsem were all kept busy during the entirety of the show with interest in the Deep Trekker products.
The most popular item was the DTG2 ROV. Wiggo reports, “The introduction of the DTG2 was better than I could hope for. Sometimes our booth was filled up with people just waiting to have a look.” Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the show was the response from commercial markets. Deep Trekker Inc, is encouraged by the interest from these various industries focused on the DTG2 ROV, which was largely designed for recreational use and high volume production. The heavy duty construction of the DTG2 will ultimately allow it to perform many commercial tasks mainly focusing on underwater observation. The future commercial grade ROV; DTX2 will answer the call for jobs that require greater depths and power along with a few additional control features. Input for the DTX2 was generously given by Aqua Nor attendees searching for the ultimate workhorse ROV.

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