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B&N Inspection and Supply

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 8, 2020

B&N Inspection and Supply, based in St.Louis Missouri, recently used their DTG3 to complete an impressive inspection of a 2 million gallon water tank. Located in Clinton, Missouri the massive tank plays a key role in the city’s water supply.

Infrastructure maintenance and management is incredibly important for the health and safety of the communities relying on them to maintain daily life. While regular inspection of infrastructure is always important, the contents of the tank in Clinton necessitates consistent check ups to ensure integrity and safety. Staying on top of tank analysis is a smart move as prioritizing inspections and maintenance saves both time and money in the long term.

Using the DTG3, the B&N team was able to thoroughly inspect the water tank. In addition to checking water depth and temperature, the 4k camera allowed the team to look at all welds, potential rust spots and/or leaks. Anchor bolts in particular are important to check, as rust can deteriorate and reduce structural strength and integrity.

Without the ROV, inspection would have been very different. As noted by the B&N team, this tank typically would require either complete draining of the 2 million gallons or employing a diver to allow for a thorough inspection. With the DTG3, the ROV is dropped into the tank and operated from the ground. The ROV and tether were sanitized by the B&N team prior to going in the water, maintaining the safety and purity of the water for use by Clinton residents.

The use of an ROV not only keeps people safe, it saves time and money. Operating from topside keeps both B&N inspectors and divers out of tight and potentially tricky situations. The easily portable, battery operated robot can be brought on location by the B&N Inspection team without the need for a specialized truck. With quick deployment and straightforward controls, the ROV allows the B&N Inspection team to be efficient and effective with their time.

Owned and operated by Eric Nenninger and Nicholas Lamm, B&N Inspection & Supply specializes in inspection, on-site surveys, coating specifications and training. B&N was established with the premise of providing excellent service and coating recommendations by bringing together the industrial coatings field and government/municipality contract and project management discipline. Diverse and capable, B&N serves numerous industries in addition to water and wastewater, including defense, energy, maritime, oil & gas, transportation and construction.