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Customer Demos: The DT340 CCTV Pipe Crawler

Kiara Vallier   |   July 8, 2016

Since Deep Trekker released the DT340 Pipe Crawler CCTV System, we have held numerous demonstrations throughout Ontario and the United States with municipalities, public works departments, utility companies, and inspection companies. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from the industry professionals with which we have partnered.

Today we thought we would share some of the experiences, comments and photos from the numerous demonstrations that took place from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Toronto, Ontario to Maysville, Kentucky.

CCTV Camera

Cody Warner, Head of Business Development at Deep Trekker, held these demos with the pipe crawler system. Cody remarked that he was “fortunate for the opportunity to see all of the different structures, meet with more local companies (since most of my travel is for tradeshows), and see the operators and their capabilities in the field." He observed firsthand the innovations and quality which make Deep Trekker's DT340 Pipe Crawler so special for a wide variety of applications.

CCTV Pipe Crawler

Cody performed several significant operations using the Pipe Crawler. He completed storm water pipe inspections, visually assessed culverts for routine maintenance and executed sanitation pipe inspections.

Using the upgraded wheel size, Cody proved that the DT340 Pipe Crawler is a viable option for storm water pipe inspections. With the larger wheels and extremely durable construction, he was able to drive the DT340 Crawler through challenging pipe networks despite the rougher terrain and obstacles found along pipe and conduit bottoms.

Cody also operated the DT340 pipe crawler system with a number of public works companies to show off the robust design and track options. With the tracks, the system was able to easily make its way over obstacles and debris such as fallen limbs and rocks.

CCTV Pipe Crawler Inspection

He later traveled to Toronto to perform a sanitation pipe inspection. “Sanitation Pipes are an interesting one. You would expect to be driving through a terribly disgusting area. However, when they have been flushed, a pipe inspection is, well, kind of boring!" Cody remarked. "The pipe seems endless and is very smooth with very few features to point out. Imperfections really stand out!” The Crawler proved to be the perfect tool to deploy in the pipe once it had been flushed out.

When asked what was the biggest lesson he learned, Cody commented: “The number one thing I have learned is the importance of ease of use. Operators of vehicles are usually numerous within an organization, and having just a few hours with the original demonstration means that they need to be experts enough to train the other operators. I think that I have been successful in this and I owe it all to how easy the Deep Trekker systems are to operate.” The DT340 CCTV Pipe Crawler has proven invaluable to these municipalities, contractors and public works companies.

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The DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), Deep Trekker's underwater drone, has also been an asset for potable water inspection. In the past three months Cody has visited multiple water treatment plants to demonstrate potable water tank inspections using the DTG2 ROV. “It was a great experience from opening the case, to climbing the tower, to operation. Tanks are extremely dark. It is amazing to think that anything would be able to ‘see’ in the tank. When we flick on the LED floodlights, the picture lights up and you can see every little bit of corrosion, every imperfection.” Cody said.

While very important work, pipeline, infrastructure and tank inspections can be costly and challenging to maintain on a regular basis. With Deep Trekker systems, operators can easily and affordably acquire a tool and the skill that can be used in a moment’s notice to perform inspections and some maintenance work.

underwater drone

All Deep Trekker systems are completely portable with built-in batteries that allow for 4-8 hours of run time. This means that no additional equipment like Wi-Fi towers, service trucks or generators are ever required to perform a fast and efficient inspection.

Have a job that you think might benefit from having a Deep Trekker system? Get in touch today.

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