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Customer Story: Expert Video Services

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 23, 2020

Seattle-based Expert Video Services is a video production company specializing in live, global, multi-camera events. Since 1977, Expert Video Services Owner/Producer Craig Kelly has been providing camera teams, gear and production services for some of the largest live shows and broadcasts in the world. Serving a wide range of clientele, Kelly and Expert Video Services’ work spans from the Summer Olympics (winning an emmy for his technical work in the 1984 games), to directing and producing corporate broadcasts and web streaming for some of the biggest companies in the world. Priding themselves on their professional and ambitious teams, producing high quality content is of the utmost importance to Expert Video Services.

We were thrilled to speak to Director Craig Kelly to see how the Expert Video Services team uses their Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Dubbing their unit RO-Z, the vehicle is primarily used to provide a unique, live underwater camera source. Effective for live meetings and events, the team uses their vehicle for anything related to the marine industry. The camera is also used for commercials, recorded projects and corporate customers.

Prior to getting RO-Z, an underwater videographer would have had to have been hired to operate an underwater camera. With the Deep Trekker unit, the same footage can be obtained using a topside operator. Kelly noted with a laugh that “operators under a certain age have grown up playing video games and are able to make the transition to operating the controls on our ROV.”

As a video production company, the high-quality camera is the most important feature on the unit. The live view output has been incredibly useful to the Expert Video Services team, as they use that output to dial into their live broadcast system. The option to mount an additional camera to the unit externally has also proven itself valuable to the team for their wide variety of projects.

Initially drawn to the affordability of the Deep Trekker units, Kelly noted that the quality and durability of the vehicles prove themselves worthy of professional needs. Furthermore, the versatility of the ROV shone through. Originally purchased solely to obtain unique camera angles and film effectively underwater, the vehicle opened up more doors for the Expert Video Services Team. Kelly shared that, “Along the way we have discovered a completely unknown side business - underwater inspections.”

Finally Kelly noted that Expert Video Services and Deep Trekker seemed like a great fit. “First of all I believe we found an organization that feels like how we operate our business,” said Kelly. “That is that quality, experience and personal relationships are the most important assets to promote.” Kelly went on to say that the Deep Trekker team solidified his decision.

“I always feel like I could reach out to your team and connect for questions, ideas...anything. That’s probably because Deep Trekker sales manager Cody Warner was my first connection - thank you to all of you there!”

Thank you to Craig Kelly and Expert Video Services! Learn more about how Deep Trekker ROVs and Expert Video Services can help you or reach out to one of our industry specialists today!