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Diver Safety with ROVs

Rachel Doornekamp   |   October 11, 2019

At Deep Trekker we believe that an ROV used in conjunction with divers creates the perfect team to tackle underwater jobs. By pairing divers with ROVs, costs can be reduced while safety can be improved thus optimizing the work of a commercial diver.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

From tank and intake structure inspection to salvage operations, commercial diving can involve precarious situations. Mitigate risk from topside by sending an ROV into the smallest and trickiest of spaces - keeping divers safe while expanding revenue stream. When divers are in a tough spot, a topside controller can also monitor divers, ensuring safety.

Dive With the Underwater ROV

Divers can be directly assisted underwater with the use of an ROV, allowing them to avoid tight spaces and difficult areas. With the diveable controller, a diver can send Deep Trekker ROVs ahead to check out the area or assist with tasks in those tough areas such as ship hull inspection or wreck recovery. With direct imaging sonar, the ROV can provide a clear view for diver operations in high turbidity water.

Pre and Post Dive Evaluations

Pre-dive inspections can be done using an ROV before a diver even has to dip a toe in the water. In addition to allowing users to provide accurate quotes to their customers, a pre-dive inspection can confirm what tools and resources will be required, which dive site is most appropriate, what methods should be used and potentially dangerous situations can be identified. Post-dive evaluations can utilize the video and photography function of an ROV to evaluate procedures and provide additional value to customers through service reports.

Enhance Learning

Diver education is absolutely paramount when it comes to safety, making the use of an underwater ROV to enhance diver training incredibly relevant. By using an ROV to capture underwater footage of previous dives, students can improve their knowledge retention and gain experience through firsthand footage. Adding an ROV to open water dive training furthers safety by allowing crew onboard the vessel to monitor what is taking place underwater. Instructors can also bring the ROV underwater with them during both confined and open water dives to capture footage of their divers for feedback and corrective suggestions.

Deep Trekker allows you to enhance diver safety with ease. Our ROV’s are portable and easily maneuverable, with no topside power or generators required.

Learn more about our DTG3 and REVOLUTION ROVs or contact our industry specialist for more information!

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