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Drones at Dubai Boat Show 2017 and Wrecks to Explore

Amanda Coulas   |   February 8, 2017

Drones are making a splash at the Dubai International Boat Show - Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) exploring shipwrecks and sunken treasures.

Our team is set for the Dubai International Boat Show which runs from February 28th to March 4th. At the show, Deep Trekker will be located at Stand D-112. Our underwater drones will be there for you to pilot at any time!

Dubai is filled with extravagant sites to see and amazing diving opportunities as well. The area is home to many dive charters, with plenty of options for you to take in on a day trip. This had me thinking of all the amazing shipwrecks I have been able to explore with my Deep Trekker underwater drone. Using my handheld controller and remote controlled camera, I have been able to step back in time to a different world and imagine what it would have been like to live on the vessel traversing our waterways before it sank.

Some of my favorite missions include the many shipwrecks in Tobermory (on Lake Huron, close to our headquarters) such as the Wetmore wreck which sank in 1901:

I also have had the opportunity to inspect the USS Arizona shipwreck in Pearl Harbor and to enter areas of the ship prohibited to divers. Many of our customers are using the Deep Trekker underwater drone to discover new wrecks such as a sunken plane and the famous WWII battleship, Rio de Janeiro.  

Where to Dive in Dubai

I’ve been researching some of the best areas to dive while in Dubai, there seems to be a lot of shipwreck diving. Because of the personal interest in shipwrecks, below are my top three dive locations I want to explore:

1. The Zainab Wreck

The Zainab rests in approximately 30 meters of water. This 70-meter long wreck is still intact and lying on her port side with the anchor snug on the bow. The wreck is home to a wealth of marine life. You may very likely see barracudas, oysters, yellow snapper and more.  

The bridge, engine and accommodations rooms of the Zainab are easily accessible. For a diver, there is an element of danger entering these spaces. Using a Deep Trekker ROV, these areas can be explored without fear.

2. The Inchcape 2 Wreck

Unlike the Zainab wreck which sunk to avoid being boarded while transporting illegal cargo, the Inchcape 2 wreck was sunk so that it could become part of an artificial reef and diving site after it was decommissioned.

The Inchcape 2 is resting upright in 20 meters of water. The doors and hatches have been removed to allow divers to enter safely. If you explore the engine room, you’ll find lots of juveniles hiding between the engine parts and the pipes.

3. Martini Rock

Martini Rock isn't a wreck but is a great area for a night dive; this is also something which I love doing with the Deep Trekker underwater drone. This rocky structure, off the coast of Fujairah, resembles an upside down glass. At night, you can expect to see some sleeping turtles and feeding rays. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a leopard or guitar shark.

With the auxiliary lights, the Deep Trekker can see a wide area and explore – plus it’s fun to watch the vehicle swim around and have plenty of fish come towards the light. As a bonus, I like to have the laser scaler on as well; they show up brilliantly at night, and who doesn’t like lasers!

Drone Underwater Lights at Night

Diving at Night with the Underwater Drone's Lights

Night Diving with Lasers Underwater Drone

The Deep Trekker underwater drone with lasers at night


Underwater Drones for Shipwreck Exploration

There are many shipwrecks to explore around Dubai and in the U.A.E., but what if you don’t dive? Elon Musk is developing a way to get humans into space; with Deep Trekker, the technology to get us underwater already exists – so go out and explore!

Deep Trekker underwater drones are reducing the barriers to underwater exploration. I am personally not a diver, but have been able to experience the exhilarating feeling of diving down to a wreck and the ‘ah-ha’ moment when it finally comes into view. I have safely traversed inside portholes and entered different rooms to see the lost treasures and historical artifacts left behind.


(Photo: Thierry Boyer, Parks Canada)

Becoming a diver is on my personal ‘bucket list’, but underwater drones will still be a large part of any sort of underwater exploration that I do. An ROV can effortlessly scope out areas in advance of a dive or enter areas deeper or more confined than what most might be comfortable with; or whether it is safe to enter.

Deep Trekker's submersible controller is also a unique option to combine your diving with the Deep Trekker underwater drone. Using the completely waterproof controller – you can take the entire system below the surface. When circumstances warrant it, send the Deep Trekker ROV ahead of you into unknown or unreachable areas.

Which is your favorite?

Have you dived in Dubai or the U.A.E. before?

Where are your favorite sites?

Comment below, and come say hi to us at the Dubai Boat Show, February 28 to March 4 at Stand D-112.

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