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Introducing the DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler

Shannon Regan   |   May 10, 2018

Deep Trekker releases world’s first inspection system – DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler – designed for pipes as small as 152mm (6 inch) in diameter. The launch will take place at IFAT 2018 in Munich, Germany, providing simple solutions to European Infrastructure.

Pipe Inspections Like You've Never Seen Before

As infrastructure ages, simple inspection methods need to be adopted to maintain and improve our structural systems. Today, Deep Trekker announces the launch of the world’s first robotic system – DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler – designed to provide simple inspections for pipes as small as 152mm (6 inch) in diameter.

The design of the new crawler offers greater flexibility for inspections, specifically for European infrastructure, and for municipalities and contractors worldwide.

"It is extremely important that we improve the way European infrastructure is maintained, and develop methods to better inspect subsurface pipes to prevent underground damage and disruption,” says Sam Macdonald, President, Deep Trekker Inc. “The DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler offers a simple, trenchless solution, designed to improve the way infrastructure is managed to benefit long term goals.”
For years, Deep Trekker has been the leader in portable pipeline inspection crawlers. With the release of the DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler, the company continues to be at the forefront of affordable innovation. Based on the same principles as its underwater ROV systems, Deep Trekker pipe crawlers have been designed with careful consideration. The pipe crawler is fully submersible, and comes equipped with optional tracks, allowing it to maneuver over the toughest obstacles and various pipe materials. Depth rated to 50 meters (164 ft), it requires no topside power, and is affordable for small municipalities and service companies.

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dt320 mini pipe crawler ifat launch

The launch of the Mini Crawler will take place in Munich, Germany at IFAT 2018 – the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies. Deep Trekker has built a strong distribution network in North America, and now looks towards the European Market for continued growth. Understanding that much of the infrastructure in Europe is built on a system of smaller diameter pipes than in North America, the company looks forward to launching its latest trenchless technology to this market in Germany.

Lead Engineer of the DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler, Sean Phillips, and Deep Trekker President, Sam Macdonald, will be attending IFAT from May 14th to 18th and welcomes those attending to join the team at Booth C4.529.

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