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DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler

Inspect pipes from 6″ to 12″ in diameter

At a glance

No topside power or boxes required

Software integrations

Fully submersible

Pan & tilt HD camera

1000lbs break strength


Wheel and track options

All in one control system

Portable, battery operated mini pipe crawler

The DT320 Mini Pipe crawler is designed with portability in mind. Allowing operators to conduct storm and wastewater inspections without the need for topside power.

Complete in one compact carrying case, the out of the box system in deployable without generators or power supply onsite. With an easy to use controller, it is the only battery operated CCTV pipe crawler of its kind.

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DT320 Pipe Crawler Spec Highlights

deep trekker dt320 mini pipe crawler wireframe

DT320 Mini Crawler General Specifications

Width: 123 mm (5”)
Height: 87 mm (4”)
Length: 440 mm- 630 mm (17” - 25”)
Weight: 11 kg (25 lb) - 16 kg (35 lb)
Depth Rating: 50 m (124 ft)
Body Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Window: Sapphire Glass Lens Cover Wiper
Turn Radius: 0 mm (0”)
Speed: 12 m / Min
Operating Temp: -5C To 40C (23F - 104F)
Software compatibility: Integrates with most sewer inspection software
Warranty: 1 Year - Parts And Labor (2-3 years optional)

Electrical System

System: 19.2 Vdc (Lithium Batteries)
Battery Run Time: up to 5 Hours
Battery Recharge: 1.5 Hours
Sensors: Incline, Roll, Leak, Camera Pan/Tilt
Lighting: 650 Lumens
Camera: 700Hd Tvl, Color, 0.001 Lux (Low Light), Controller Controlled, Pan (360 degree) & Tilt (280 degree)
Wheel/Drive: Skid Steer - 4Wd With Track Belt
Sonde: 512 Hz

Deep Trekker reserves the right to amend these specifcations at any time without notice

Download Full DT320 Specs

I would highly recommend the DT340 Crawler! the City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division purchased the unit in 2017 and have inspected thousands of feet of stormwater sewer pipe with no issues. The battery operated unit provides plenty of power to inspect pipe for hours and is very mobile with no need for a generator or van to transport the unit. You won't regret the decision to purchase this unit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dan Carder

City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division

Easy to operate

The DT320 Mini Crawler is easy to operate with the use of its handheld control console. Effortlessly create a visual catalog of your inspections and integrate directly with asset-management software.

Customized for the job

The DT320 Mini crawler can be equipped with various wheel options and tracks so that you can tailor the camera for the project at hand.

Compatible with the DT340

Complete your set of CCTV pipe crawlers. Both the DT340 and the DT320 Mini can operate using the same tether and control console.

Durable Construction

Don’t let its size fool you! The DT320 Mini is constructed with anodized die-cast aluminum, stainless steel and a sapphire glass camera lens. It is built to withstand the daily grind of sewer and stormwater pipe inspections.

Cast aluminum and stainless steel frame icon

Cast aluminum and stainless steel frame

Sapphire glass camera lens cover icon

Sapphire glass camera lens cover

steerable-icon Light Grey 3


Clean sheet engineering icon

Clean sheet engineering

All purpose controller

Pipe inspections made easy. Operate the DT340 or DT320 Mini with its splash-proof controller. The easy to use control system reduces the learning curve for beginner operators.

Record your own video inspections or integrate with reporting software using the crawler’s standard video out port.

Controller Icon

Weatherproof handheld controller

Record icon

Record video inspections with voice over via DVR

These products are part of our CCTV Pipe Crawler product line.

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Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

In a single day of inspection work, you may come across various pipe profiles. This is why we have developed modular pipe crawlers with plug-and-play technology.

The DT340

Built for municipal pipe inspections, the DT340 Pipe Crawler is completely submersible and self-contained. It is the only crawler on the market that is flexible enough without the need for additional equipment, truck or generator. Battery operated to last between up to 8 hours on a single charge.

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