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Deep Trekker Inc. launches the DTG2 ROV and PodCam systems

Amanda Coulas   |   July 1, 2011

Ayr ON, July 1, 2011 - Deep Trekker Inc. is pleased to announce that the launch of the world's lowest cost micro ROV, the DTG2 and the PodCam series, was a success. The product shipped July 1st as planned to various interested dealers and customers around the world. In fact, the demand was so great for the DTG2 that supplies quickly diminished, creating the formation of a waiting list for the product.

The vision of an ROV that is affordable to anyone was formulated by CEO Jeff Lotz in 2002, and later in 2009 acted upon in an effort bring the idea to fruition. "Where other manufactures offering ROVs have focused and succeeded in the commercial market, they have failed in the consumer market.

The technology is available to us to utilize and offer a reliable, user friendly underwater remote controlled vehicle that costs a fraction of competing equivalent ROVs," comments Lotz. To the surprise of Deep Trekker Inc. the majority of the initial DTG2 ROV sales in fact went to commercial firms looking for a new option. "This is due in part to the fact that these organizations were aware of ROVs and had immediate need for them, perhaps already owning similar systems, whereas the consumer market is unaware of the new toy and future marketing campaigns will aim to educate this group. We will continue to listen to the needs of our commercial customers and offer DTG2 and DTX2 configurations suited to them, and at the same time work to reduce costs of the standard DTG2 consumer configuration even further to help propel this product into the hands of thousands of recreational users around the world."

The supply of product will slowly increase through 2011-2012 to all customers, but at a controlled release rate to ensure the highest quality product is offered.

The Deep Trekker Inc. DTG2 ROV and PodCam video systems can be purchased from your local dealer or from the Deep Trekker online shop.

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