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DTG3 Unboxing | Step by Step [User Guide]

Rachel Doornekamp   |   November 20, 2019

Your brand new DTG3 just arrived - congratulations! We’re here to help you unbox and go on that exciting first dive with your Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).


The DTG3 arrives in a wheeled Pelican case, giving you a reliable and easy way to transport your ROV. Custom molded sections for your ROV, tether and accessories keep everything safe and well organized. To open the case, simply release the 5 latches located around the lid.

Set Up

Upon your initial unboxing, the tether will be already attached to the DTG3. To get ready for your first dive, start by removing the ROV and the tether and setting it down near your deployment spot. For shipping purposes, the internal chassis is held in place by screws located at the back of the unit. Using the flathead screwdriver stored in the lid of the box, simply back the screws out. At this point, the internal chassis will swing to its neutral position. It is recommended that you place these screws back into position if you are transporting your ROV by air or courier.

Next the controller needs to be connected to the tether. Attached to the reel is a coiled up cord that connects to the handheld controller. Align the pins with the holes and hand tighten the two ends until they are secure.

Press the power button on the controller to start your ROV.

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Pre Dives Checks

It is best to do a quick pre-dive check before you deploy your ROV into the water.

Ensure that the thrusters move freely by slowly pushing forward on the left joystick. Check that the camera is moving by using the right joystick on the back of the controller to move the camera up and down. Pressing the single light button on the control pad allows you to check the internal LED lighting.

If you have additional lighting, or any other further add-ons, they too should be checked at this point.


It’s time! Carefully lower your DTG3 into the water using the tether. The tether has a 200 pound (90 kilo) break strength, so you can feel confident using the tether to lower the unit in.

The tether reel has 4 stabilizer legs to prevent the wheel from tipping during your dive. Be sure to pull out all four legs to secure the reel.

And that’s it! It’s now time to enjoy your new DTG3!

Learn more about the DTG3 and how it’s being used in your industry, or contact an industry specialist today for more information!

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