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Industrial Tank Cleaning Robot

Rachel Doornekamp   |   September 27, 2019

Clean, readily available water is absolutely imperative for our health and well-being. A massive part of water maintenance is the regular cleaning of storage tanks. Over time sediment from particles and minerals in the water sink to the bottom of the tank, eventually creating a thicker sludge which can impact both the quality of water and the structural integrity of the tank.

While cleaning is necessary to maintain tank health, it can be an incredibly difficult and expensive task involving tank draining and divers. Deep Trekker’s DT640 VAC provides a simple, cost-effective solution to tank cleaning. The fully submersible crawler boasts a 360 degree turn radius, 8 hour battery life and various attachments. Using a handheld controller, the ROV is easily maneuvered without prior training.

Read on to see how the DT640 VAC allows for easy, safe and regular tank cleaning.

Avoid Contamination

The DT640 VAC can be easily decontaminated with a chlorine solution prior to entering water tanks, allowing operators to completely avoid issues of contamination. Safely and efficiently remove sediment from tanks while keeping water clean and in service.

Remove Divers

ROV’s allow divers to be protected from going into dangerous situations. Furthermore, removing divers from the equation means that you can avoid wait times and scheduling issues. As mentioned above, a ROV like the DT640 VAC also allows users to avoid contamination issues, unlike a dive team.

Avoid Downtime

Often operators are required to drain the tank either partially or completely for cleaning, taking the tank out of commission for days, or even weeks, at a time wasting valuable time and money. With an ROV, tanks can be cleaned without interrupting service. Avoid downtime and keep your bottom line happy.

Talk to us about how our ROVs improve the safety, cost and speed of water tank inspections and cleanings

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Built to be transported in a single carrying case, the DT640 VAC can be easily transported and launched in any location. With no need for topside power thanks to the 8 hour battery life, the ROV can be deployed with minimal fuss. Never be limited by location or season with the DT640.

Easy to Use

No training is required to maneuver the operator friendly DT640 VAC. Sturdy rubber wheels and a straightforward handheld controller allow the ROV to go to even the trickiest areas. The on board camera captures everything for you to see and record on the viewing screen.

Various attachments make the DT640 versatile and useful for a range of tank cleaning situations. The DT640 VAC is equipped with an 18” vacuum head attachment allowing for convenient industrial tank cleaning with minimal water loss. Additional attachments include an elevated camera head, pressure washer and scraper.

Learn more about the DT640 Utility Crawler or contact us today for a free quote!

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