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Key Ways Suburban Consulting Engineers Use Their ROV

Rachel Doornekamp   |   August 18, 2020

Deep Trekker was thrilled to speak to Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc . (SCE) to hear more about how they use their Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.

SCE is a leader in water and wastewater utility engineering, offering client’s innovative solutions utilizing the latest technological advancements. While aiming to always provide the appropriate engineering solutions to each system’s situation, SCE solves tough problems by developing custom, complete and cost-effective project approaches to meet the specific needs of their clients. SCE represents various municipal and private water and wastewater system throughout the nation and is committed to exceeding expectations on every project.

Since its inception, SCE has been providing clients with a formula for success by recognizing that all projects must involve creativity, vision, technical expertise and economic considerations. Their innovative approach to clients’ projects, combines a wide-range of professionals for each project, allowing for a more diverse and unique set of services, keeping pace with today’s more stringent project needs. SCE addresses critical regulatory and environmental compliance requirements with open communication and understanding with regulators, while being cognizant of client’s often limited financial resources. SCE believes in, and is committed to, achieving their clients’ goals by diligently managing and coordinating every step of a project.

SCE is extensively involved in municipal, private water and wastewater systems engineering design, permitting, rate studies, regulations, project design and contract administration. Their staff of professionals and technical support personnel includes individuals experienced in water distribution and wastewater collection systems, pump stations, treatment plants, treatment works approvals, Safe Drinking Water and Water Allocation permitting, watershed management planning, municipal finance and construction and related engineering disciplines.

Their extensive design experience has benefited numerous clients in implementing much-needed water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement projects. These projects are often identified and developed from asset management plans, enabling the utilities to plan and budget for their implementation prior to escalating emergency repairs, which often interrupt service at a great expense. In today’s continuously changing regulatory climate, water and wastewater system owners and operators require the assistance of experienced design engineers to ensure the safe and reliable operation of these systems through continuous monitoring and improvements.

SCE in action


SCE uses their vehicle primarily for water storage tank inspections. “The DTG2 is critical in providing inspection and condition assessment of water storage tank interiors, while maintaining normal system operations,” shared Michael McAloon, PE, Water/Wastewater Department Manager. By using an ROV for inspections, SCE can conduct safe, cost-effective assessments without shutting down tank operations.

As inspections are made easier with the ROV, maintenance and repairs can be easily prioritized and scheduled in a manner that optimizes time and budgetary concerns. Furthermore, the use of an ROV for inspections allows systems to stay in operation throughout the assessment, letting teams conduct efficient and convenient inspections with minimal impact. Deep Trekker ROVs are designed to complete the job without safety risks and without time lost due to interruption of service.

“The DTG2 is critical in assisting SCE with gathering the necessary information to identify tank deficiencies and problem areas. This information gathered is crucial in our report recommendation for appropriate rehabilitation measures, following tank inspection,” shared McAloon.

McAloon also noted that these inspections were, “previously performed by a diver.” With the ROV, the use of divers isn’t necessary, allowing SCE to keep people safe and out of confined underwater spaces.

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The features on the Deep Trekker vehicle have provided the SCE team with the tools needed to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. With high quality features and add ons, SCE can conduct further analysis and complete additional underwater tasks.

“The HD camera provides crystal clear video footage which is incorporated in our assessment reports,” stated McAloon. The camera is imperative for successful remote inspections. With the Deep Trekker users can also take photos and videos for further assessments or reporting purposes.

“We have used the sediment sampler to obtain samples for analysis, as well as the grabber arm to assist in removing deleterious objects which have been observed in finished water storage tanks,” said McAloon. The versatility of the ROV allows the SCE team to conduct further testing and complete a variety of useful tasks.



By using the Deep Trekker, SCE has experienced significant benefits in terms of efficiency. McAloon explained that the ROV has made submersible inspection work, “turn key internal, normally we would sub-contract this out. It’s a significant value added.”

In addition to making inspection work “more easily,” McAloon shared that “maintaining a tank in service is the biggest benefit to our clients.” By keeping tanks in service, users are able to save the time and money that would otherwise be required to take the tanks out of service and then put them back to work following the inspection.

The straightforward controls of the robot further expedites operations as the time needed to train employees on the ROV is minimal. “It’s operator friendly, we’ve trained several of our designers and they quickly became knowledgeable and familiar with the equipment,” McAloon noted.

The Deep Trekker Difference

The Deep Trekker team prides themselves on putting customers first. It is our mission to listen to and empower our clientele. McAloon shared his experience with the Deep Trekker team, “It has always been a positive experience working with Deep Trekker. They have assisted in providing replacement parts when needed in a timely manner and understand our company’s position in offering prompt services and ensuring inspection schedules are maintained.


We sincerely thank Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. for their time and assistance! To learn more about Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. check out their Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.

For more information about Deep Trekker vehicles for tank inspection had to our ROV Hacks for Tank Inspection and Step by Step Guide to Cleaning ROVs for Potable Water Use blogs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of industry experts.

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