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Deep Trekker Inc. set to launch the DTG2 ROV

Amanda Coulas   |   May 1, 2011

Ayr ON, May 1, 2011 - After 3 years of intensive product development, Deep Trekker Inc. is set to deliver a product the world has not seen before. The DTG2 will launch missions from boats of all sizes, beside pools, on cottage docks or anywhere a body of water exists. The DTG2 pilot will range from a small child chasing fish beneath the surface of the water, to a coast guard officer launching a quick mission to verify a sonar image.

The DTG2 was designed for mass production to keep the costs in check, but at the same time, no corners were cut in terms of quality. A thick cast aluminum body encases a 360 degree view port window, allowing a maximum dive depth of 164 ft. Magnetically coupled thrusters eliminate any sort of dynamic seal on board. A high resolution color camera with a tracking LED flood light has the ability to rotate around the center port window for an unprecedented view. After several prototypes were built in varying configurations, it was decided to install batteries on board in order to eliminate any high voltage systems and control consoles on the surface. This results in a very small neutrally buoyant tether diameter at 5mm [0.20 inches], giving distinctive advantages over competing systems who carry from 2.5 times to 6 times more volume of tether behind the ROV.

Another area that was identified as a weak point in competing systems was portability. Large and heavy operator console cases are required as well as an AC/DC power source. This extra equipment is often multiple times more weight to transport than the actual ROV. Deep Trekker choose to utilize the ergonomically proven game pad shape and design a waterproof version that houses the electronics designed to communicate with the DTG2 ROV. A video output port is provided on the controller for any viewing system provided by either Deep Trekker or the user. Our preference goes to the very portable video glasses, which when worn by the operator gives the illusion of a 40" screen 2m in front.

After a successful round of final testing, the design was finalized and the material arranged for the first serial production units. The date of availability is July 1, 2011 and can be purchased from your local dealer or from the Deep Trekker online shop.

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